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We’re in this together: 27 encouraging messages for students

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Jasmyn Solberg

It's no secret that this time of the semester is usually stressful and challenging for students. The end of the semester is nearing, classes will soon finish, and you'll be starting to study for final exams. However, things are currently different. Yes, you still need to complete the semester and write your final exams, but now you're faced with navigating through this unprecedented time. In-person classes have now moved to online delivery, and you're interacting with your instructors and classmates through a computer screen. Let's face it: none of this has been ideal, but we're all in this together, and we will come out stronger.

In this new phase, it's vital that we find inspiration and motivation to see us through. To help with this, our instructors and staff at Red Deer College have pulled together some encouraging messages specifically for you, our students. 

  • Remember that you’re never alone. You have friends and family who love you and support you. And even though you’re not taking your classes on RDC’s campuses right now, your instructors and people who work in the service areas are more than happy to help you. Send us an email when you need a hand!
  • You’ve got this. Never doubt your ability to persevere through hard times.
  • Your road has not been easy, but the future will be defined by your resilience. Thank you for trusting RDC with your dreams. The same strength that brought you through difficult times before has prepared you for a world we can't yet define. Stay courageous. Stay safe. Use your smarts to create tomorrow's hope and joy.
  • Constantly find new ways to connect.
  • This is a stressful time of year under the best circumstances, and you guys have demonstrated resilience, flexibility, patience and tenacity. I hope that having weathered these challenges so successfully and with such grace gives you confidence to face any challenge you come up against in your careers, and to crush every goal that you set for yourselves. I know that you’re going to do amazing things.
  • Be kind to yourself. It’s okay to cry. It’s also okay to find joy. Do whatever you need!
  • I have been blown away by the patience and flexibility of our students as we have all moved online. There have been technological hiccups and special challenges, but I've only received positive and constructive messages from our students. We will get through this by all working together, showing compassion and patience, and continuing to move forward.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Stay strong! We can get through this challenging time together! Be sure to reach out to your instructors, colleagues, and family!
  • This is a time when you get to experience the true character and values of Red Deer College. Each RDC employee cares deeply about serving students. Regardless of what that looks like – be it behind the scenes or on the front lines – you matter to each one of us. That is our common thread regardless of our job title. Take care of yourself and those you love. Stay well beautiful souls one day at a time.  
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Taking a few moments to share a funny video with friends, watch a show you like or play with your pet can have a huge positive impact on your day.
  • Sometimes when things seem big, like really big and overwhelming, I have to remind myself to break it down into little chunks to make things more manageable. That’s what I’d like to share with students: when you’re trying to complete assignments or study for your classes at home, separate your tasks into what you need to do in a day or an afternoon or even an hour. Make your goals short-term and smaller, and you’ll have lots more little wins to feel good about.
  • Your smiling, happy faces are missed in our hallways.
  • You are currently a part of history. Take the time to journal, vlog or whatever is your style. Keep these memories to share with future generations. Someday this will all seem like a crazy dream.
  • If you can get through this, you can get through anything!
  • We are here to teach you the skills that will allow you to flourish; we are here to help you reach your dreams; we are here to push you onward and upward to new heights, because we know you are the future of this Province, Canada, and, maybe, even the world. 
  • We can do this, friends – we are all in this together.
  • Through this difficult and stressful situation, we have all learned a lot about virtual collaboration.  These are valuable skills that employers are looking for.  Though we regret the reason we have had to learn them, the skill will help you to find a job when you graduate.
  • As Christopher Robin said, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Keep your head up, keep up the hard work, and believe in yourself – it will pay off! 
  • In these days when we are bombarded with negative news articles, bleak economic forecasts, and left with more questions than answers, I truly take heart in the faces and eyes of my students, which are full of hope and dreams.
  • We have already seen what you are capable of, and you offer us hope. Now, believe in yourselves, as we believe in you.
  • While the current situation is not ideal for any of us, we will persevere and make it through this situation. I am committed to helping you through this ordeal and to make the most of this semester. Remember, you've got this and when times get tough, the tough get going!
  • You can do this! One day at a time. You are building resilience. You got this! This too shall pass. Your community is rooting for you! I believe in you.
  • I am so grateful to be instructing such wonderful students! They have taken the online learning transition with grace and perseverance. We have shared many laughs through our online sessions and I am very proud of their participation and efforts in these sessions. We’re all in this together and this adjustment has been made easier with my students’ positive attitudes.
  • The staff at RDC are doing what they do to help you succeed as a student, and eventually in whatever career or path you decide to pursue. Whether we’re working on campus, or at home, know that you, the learners at RDC, are the reason for the effort we’re putting in. This isolation will last for weeks, but we trust you’ll be doing great things for years, and you can take comfort in knowing that we’ll keep up the focus, and innovation to help you in becoming another of RDC’s success stories.
  • Keep working hard; we are with you on this journey to completion! This too will pass with time, patience, support, and encouragement.
  • I am so fortunate to work with wonderful teams and groups of people at RDC – all in support of our students! I can hardly wait for us all to be back on campus together – we have good and important work to do. Be calm and carry on – and do not be afraid to reach out if you need help! See you soon! 

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