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Hiring Process

Hiring Process

As you consider applying for a position at Red Deer Polytechnic, we want to help take some of the guess work away by sharing some insight with you into our hiring process. We hope to make the steps of applying for a position, being interviewed and being hired a positive experience. 

Successful candidates will be provided with specific onboarding details relevant to the role for which they have been hired. You can review general information and forms relating to Red Deer Polytechnic's onboarding process below.

Please read the information on this webpage, and you can also view our Frequently Asked Questions document.

Applicant Instructions

Please follow the prompts on Red Deer Polytechnic's employment website to apply for a current vacancy. The following instructions walk you through step-by-step how to set up an account on our employment website the first time you apply for a job at Red Deer Polytechnic, as well as identifying instructions as you apply for a particular position.

View step-by-steps instructions of how to set up your Red Deer Polytechnic account and apply for a job. 

Steps in Red Deer Polytechnic’s hiring process:

Advertising the Position Vacancy

All Red Deer Polytechnic position vacancies are advertised on our employment website. Candidates interested in being considered for a position posted on the Red Deer Polytechnic website must apply online. Candidates must supply all required documentation (such as: cover letter, resume and references) and applications must be received prior to midnight on the closing date noted on the posting. 

Pre-Screening and Shortlisting

Red Deer Polytechnic hiring managers review all applications that were received by the closing date on the posting. A shortlist is determined by assessing applications against the minimum requirements and noted competencies required to successfully perform the duties of the job. Only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

Interview Process

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to an interview with a selection committee, which will consist of at least two Red Deer Polytechnic employees. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about your education, experience, skills and fit for the position, our team and the Red Deer Polytechnic.

Interviews often follow a sequence designed to give you (the interviewee) and the interviewers the opportunity to observe and communicate with each other:

  • The interview starts with introducing the selection committee members and reviewing details about the position.
  • It’s the interviewer’s role to ask questions and your role to answer them. Expect to do most of the talking. You’ll be asked general questions about your background and experience and specific questions about your skills.
  • You will be asked to provide examples of how you have performed in the past in certain job-related (competency) situations. Behavioural-based questions will almost always begin with “Tell me about a time …” or “Give me an example of …” or “Describe a situation in which …”
  • Near the end of the interview, you will have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Be prepared to explain to the interview committee the working relationship you’ve had with the individuals identified as your reference. All candidates must provide three references who can speak about your recent work performance. At least two references must be individuals by whom you’ve been supervised. It is important to advise your references that someone from Red Deer Polytechnic may contact them through the interview process.  
  • At the end of the interview the selection committee will explain hiring timelines.    
  • Before or after the interview you may be asked to:
    • Provide evidence of your qualifications.
    • Complete a skills assessment to evaluate your aptitude or technical skills.

If You Are Unsuccessful With Your Application

At Red Deer Polytechnic, we contact all candidates who have been interviewed to advise them whether they are the successful applicant. If you are advised you are not the successful applicant, this is your opportunity to ask the hiring manager for feedback that could help you prepare for future interviews. Don’t give up and keep applying for new positions at Red Deer Polytechnic that you determine fit your qualifications, when they arise.

Preparing For Your Interview

Congratulations! You have passed the screening stage and have been granted an interview. The following recommendations will help you to prepare for an interview. Please remember that these are only suggestions, and you should prepare in a way that works best for you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the job description. Review the job posting and identify the main components of the job (for example: strong customer service background, strong project management background). The interview questions will be based on the main components outlined in the qualifications section.
  • During the interview you can expect to be asked questions related to your education, experience, skills, interest in the position and knowledge of the organization.
  • Most questions will be behavioural-based, which means you will be asked to provide the interview panel with specific examples based on your past experiences.
  • When answering behavioural-based questions, keep in mind the STAR approach. Your answer should describe the Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Practice answering interview questions by:

  • Writing down your answers to help you remember them (but don’t memorize your answers).
  • Recording your answers to help you assess how you present yourself.
  • Conducting a mock interview with family or friends to help build your confidence

Red Deer Polytechnic Resources

Red Deer Polytechnic is a dynamic post-secondary institution that produces a variety of publications and other documents each year. As you consider Red Deer Polytechnic for your next career move, to help prepare you learn more about this institution and prepare for an upcoming interview we invite you to review the items below as you familiarize yourself with Red Deer Polytechnic:

Red Deer Polytechnic Strategic Vision: To be the post-secondary institution of choice serving learners and communities through leadership, excellence, and innovation and demonstrating system shaping leadership for an emerging world. 

At Red Deer Polytechnic we:

  • Offer programs in a variety of disciplines and encourage innovative experiences that prepare learners for successful careers and lives.
  • Provide robust supports and resources to assist in personal and professional growth and development.
  • Value fresh ideas from individuals who are new to teaching, and those who want to translate years of experience to a meaningful legacy with the next generation.
  • Focus on applied research that enriches faculty, staff and student experiences, helping to find solutions to real-world issues.
  • Hold in high regard diversity, inclusion, and an environment that values everyone.
  • Provide opportunities to challenge and support the mind, body and spirit, and to engage in personal and professional empowerment.
  • Are committed to Indigenous education in the spirit of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and demonstrate this commitment as signatories to the Colleges and Institutes Canada Indigenous Education Protocol.

Why Choose Red Deer & central Alberta?

Red Deer, and the central Alberta Region, is a vibrant place to live, raise a family, work and play. With a population of approximately 100,000 citizens, Red Deer offers all of the amenities of Canada’s larger cities without some of the challenges. We welcome faculty, staff and students from a variety of communities in central Alberta within close commuting distance to our campuses located in Red Deer.

As you consider Red Deer Polytechnic for your next career move, here are some highlights:

  • Growing communities with great schools, well-equipped hospitals and health centers, and a variety of community groups and associations.
  • Lower cost-of-living than other major cities in Alberta and across Canada and commutes as short as 5-15 minutes.
  • Vibrant arts and cultural scene, and community-oriented events and attractions allowing you plenty to explore from local restaurants and fresh markets, historic attractions and museums, to vast walking trails and ski hills.
  • Short two-hour drive to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and situated nicely between both Edmonton and Calgary, with only a 1.5-hour drive to either.

Additional resources you may wish to explore to learn more about living in Red Deer and central Alberta:

We understand that moving yourself and your family is a big decision. Red Deer Polytechnic may reimburse new employees who have been offered permanent employment for reasonable moving expenses they incurred, to assist in reducing the financial impact of relocating. Reimbursement of relocation expenses must be discussed prior to an individual accepting an offer of employment and is offered in accordance with College policy. The employment contract will indicate an employee’s eligibility for reimbursement.


In order to reassure successful candidates that you made the right decision to come to Red Deer Polytechnic, our onboarding program is designed to provide you with the tools and information you need to transition into Red Deer Polytechnic and become a high performing contributor. It is a shared responsibility between People and Culture, division leaders, supervisors and you. 

To start your onboarding, below are hyperlinks to some forms you will need to complete and bring with you on your first day of employment. Once you arrive on campus, you will be provided with further information on our onboarding program.


TD1 - Federal
TD1AB - Alberta
Direct Deposit Form
Red Deer Polytechnic Maps

Parking Applications:

New Employee Information Sheet

Welcome Onboarding Session

Red Deer Polytechnic hosts Faculty & Staff Welcome Onboarding Sessions throughout each year (upcoming dates to be scheduled). Attending the New Faculty and Staff Welcome-Onboarding session will:

  • strengthen your connection to the greater Red Deer Polytechnic community by meeting members of senior administration, faculty and staff from other Schools, Divisions and Departments
  • develop a deeper understanding of how things work at Red Deer Polytechnic (e.g. an overview of the College vision, mission and values, strategic priorities, etc.) 
  • allow you to learn about Red Deer Polytechnic services, departments and resources

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