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This webpage is an online library for forms that Red Deer Polytechnic students, employees and community members can review, download and fill-out to conduct various aspects of business at our institution.  

You may jump to the form you're seeking by clicking on the appropriate letter of the alphabet. Red Deer Polytechnic's forms are listed below in alphabetical order by the first letter of the name of the form:

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z


Activity Final Report - Campus Recreation
Adventures in Summer Music - Parent/Guardian Consent
Adventures in Summer Music - Registration
Aerial Lift Platform Checklist - Campus Management
After Hours and Visitor Log
Alumni Associate Membership Application - Alumni Relations (word)
Alumni Associate Membership Application - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Alumni Frame Order - Staff Purchase - Alumni Relations (word)
Alumni Frame Order - Staff Purchase - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Alumni Legacy Award Nomination - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Alumni Legacy Award Nomination - Candidate Consent - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Ambassador Students Program Registration
Ambassador Students Volunteer Request
Application for Admission to Attend Red Deer Polytechnic
Application for Admission - Division of Extended Education, Career Development Certificate Program

Arts Centre Bookings

Artwork Loan Agreement - Visual Arts
Assessment and Programming Consent - AIT Project
Asset Disposal - Campus Management
Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation Referral
Athletics - Adopt an Athlete
Athletics - Scholarship Nomination - RDC
Athletics - Team Scholarship Donations
Attendance Report - Weekly, Sponsored Students
Attending Physician Assessment - See also Short Term Disability
Attending Physician’s Assessment and Recommendations for Nursing Students

AWARDS: Employee Award and Recognition Program

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Best Service Pros Event Setup Request
Bicycle Storage Agreement - Campus Management
Birthday Cake Request

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Campus Recreation Biggest Winner Registration
Campus Recreation Program Registration
Campus Recreation - Student Deposit Refund
Campus Recreation - Student Fee Payment
Cancellation/Complete Withdrawal
Campus Recreation Waiver
Cardholder Purchase Log
Career Development Certificate Program Application - Division of Extended Education
Career and Employment Services Intake
Career Investigation Report - Medical Laboratory Assistant Program
Cell Phone Request
Cheque Request See Payment Request
Children's Program Application - RDC Children's Programs
Class Cancellation Posting
Client Assessment Referral - Counselling, Career and Learning
Client Interview Consent - School of Health Sciences
Co-curricular Record Application
Compassionate Withdrawal Request
Conditions for Contractors and Their Employees While Working at RDC (word)
Conditions for Contractors and Their Employees While Working at RDC (pdf)
Confidentiality Agreement - Counselling and Career Centre
Confidentiality and Anonymity Acknowledgement
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form - People and Culture
Consent for Use of Online Student Coursework
Consent for Use of Personal Image and Information
Consent for Use of Personal Image and Information - School of Creative Arts
Consent for Use of Personal Image and Information - Summer Sport Camps
Consent for Use of Student Assignment - RDC
Consent to Copy Student Assignment - CASN-NEPAB Accreditation Data
Consent to Copy Student Assignment - CTAB Accreditation Data
Consent to Observe and Record Counselling Session - Counselling and Career Centre
Consent to Release/Obtain Personal Information - Counselling and Career Centre
Consent to Release/Obtain Medical Information - Health, Safety & Wellness Centre
Consent to Release Student Personal Information -  Office of the Registrar
Consent to Release/Obtain Student Personal Information - Residence
Conservatory of Dance and Music Registration
Contract for Completion of Incomplete Grades
Contracted Worker Instruction Sheet
Costume Loan Agreement - Performing Arts
Counselling and Career  Centre Intake
Courier Request  See also Mail Request
Course Add/Drop
Course-Based Student Projects Application - Research Ethics
Course Package Bibliography Worksheet
Course Proposal - Academic Council
Course Registration
Course Withdrawal
COVID-19 Exposure Incident Form
Customer Feedback Information
Critical Incident Report - International Travel
Curriculum Elements and Outcomes (xlsx)
Curriculum Elements and Outcomes (pdf)

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Deferral Installment Plan Agreement - Residence
Deferred Examination Application
Deferred Salary Leave Plan Application
Delivery Tracking Record - Campus Management
Developmental Screen Consent - Children's Programs
Direct Award Request (Single/Sole Source)

Direct Deposit - Payroll
Direct Deposit - Vendor Information
Directional Board Signage Template - Campus Management
Disability Management - Employee Information Record
Distinguished Alumni Nomination - Alumni Relations (word)
Distinguished Alumni Nomination - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Distinguished Alumni Nomination - Candidate Consent - Alumni Relations
Drop Off Sign-in/Sign-out Record - Campus Management

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ECE Leadership Development Form Letter
ELCC Advancement Specialization Form Letter
Employee Confidentiality Agreement - Community Relations     
Employee Overtime/Lieu time Tracking     
Employer's Checklist - Employee at Risk Due to Isolation     
Employer's Checklist - Employees Meeting Clients Away From Base Office     
Employer's Checklist - Employees Traveling Alone     
Employment Verification Letter Request     
English As A Second Language - Course Application     
Equipment Loan Agreement - Information Technology Services     
Equipment Rental Request - Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing     
Event Details - Arts Centre     
Event Details - Arts Centre Lobby Only      
Event Details - Welikoklad Event Centre     
Event Registration - Campus Recreation (word)     
Event Registration - Campus Recreation (pdf)     
Event Feedback - Student Ambassador Program     
Exam Information for Testing Services     
Exercise Program Acknowledgement     
Exiting Faculty and Staff Checklist   
Exiting Faculty and Staff Checklist for Interdepartmental Transfers  

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Facility Booking Request - Confluence Campus
For the Facility Partnership Agreement template, contact RDC's Vice President College Services Office. Call  403.356.4924
Facility Fee Waiver Request
Facility Change Request
Facility Rental Contract - Arts Centre
Faculty Absence Report

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty Non-teaching Activity Plan
Faculty Annual Development Plan
Faculty Self-Reflective Report
Family Survey - Child Care Centre
Fax Cover
Fee For Service Contract
Field Placement Information - Social Work Program
Field Work Evaluation - Student Social Work Program
Field Work Evaluation - Supervisor Social Work Program
Final Disposal Authorization Request - Information Management
Find a Lost Friend - Alumni Relations (word)
Find a Lost Friend - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Fire Fighter Body Composition Assessment
Fitness Testing Consent for Minors
Form Template
Formative Plan
Found Item Record - Campus Management

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General Information Sheet - RDC Children's Programs
Getting to Know You - Math 260
Gift In Kind Donation
Grace Taylor Memorial Award of Excellence Nomination - CUPE
Grade Change

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Hazard Assessment - RDP
Hazardous Waste Disposal Request
Homestay Application - International Student Services
Honorary Degree Nomination

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iCard Deposit
iCard Refund
Incident/Dispute Report - Dispute Resolution Task Force
Incident/Injury Report 
Independent Play Program - Parent Feedback
Independent Play Program - Participant Information
Independent Study Contracted Start Date
Independent Study Learning Plan
Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire
Information Collection Notice
Information Disclosure Request
Intellectual Property Agreement
International Week Volunteer Application
Invoice Request

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Key Sign-Out Permission - Campus Management
Key Sign-Out Register

L - Return to Top

Laptop User Agreement - Community Borrower
Late Drop Request - Office of the Registrar
Late Withdrawal Request - Office of the Registrar
Leave of Absence Extension Request (Unpaid Leave)
Leave of Absence Request (Unpaid Leave)
Licensed Event Proposal
Licensed Event Security Approval
Lost Item Record - Campus Management
Lost Receipt Declaration

M - Return to Top

Mail Log - Finance
Mail Request  See also Courier Request
Master Key Sign-out Agreement - Residence Contractors
Material Safety Data Sheets - Department Inventory
Medical Information Questionnaire
Medical Record
Mentor-Protege Program Registration - Alumni Relations (word)
Mentor-Protege Program Registration - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Microfiche/Pay for Printing Authorization - iCard
Mileage Log - Finance
Move Request - Campus Management
MPA Booking Request - Arts Centre

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Name Tag Order Request - Campus Store
New Program Proposal - Academic Council

O - Return to Top

Off-Campus Exam Invigilator
Offer to Purchase - Financial Services
Official Transcript Request - Office of the Registrar

P - Return to Top

Parchment Application - Office of the Registrar
Parent Authorization - Parent Handbook

Parking Applications

Payment Request
Performance Details - Arts Centre - See Event Details - Arts Centre
Performance Technical Details - Dance Rehearsal - Arts Centre & Welikoklad Event Centre
Permanent Address and Reference Consent - Residence
Personal Appraisal Data
Personal Data Update - People and Culture
Personal Data Update - Office of the Registrar
Personal Development Claim - CUPE
Police Information Check - Student Contact Information
Policy Attestation *New*
Policy Approval Request Form
Policy Cover Sheet
Policy Feedback Form
Practicum Agreement - Kinesiology and Sport Studies KNSS 299
Practicum Evaluation - Kinesiology and Sport Studies KNSS 299
Prerequisite Waiver
Professional Development Fund Applications - See Travel and Professional Development Fund Application
Program Change Proposal - Academic Council
Program Revision Record
Project Application - Research Ethics Board
Purchase Order Change Request - Financial Services
Purchase Requisition - Financial Services
Purchase Requisition Procedures
Purchasing Card Log - School of Trades and Technologies

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Raiser's Edge Access Request

Reappraisal of Final Grade or Graded Term Work Form
Rec Royals Player Registration
Recognition of Prior Learning (word)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Fee Processing
Records Inventory
Records Retrieval
RDP Committee Terms of Reference Template (word)
Request for Reports and Mailing Lists - Community Relations
Request for Third Party Feedback - People and Culture
Request To The Faculty Workload Committee
Required to Withdraw Review Request
Research Information Request - Community Relations
Residence Application - Academic Year Student (see Residence)
Residence Application - Winter Term Only (see Residence)
Residence Accommodation Application - Family (see Residence)
Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment Complaint Form
Restricted Funded Projects Approval
Reviewer Checklist - Research Ethics Board
Reviewer Checklist - Student Researcher - Research Ethics Board (word)
Reviewer Checklist - Student Researcher - Research Ethics Board (pdf)

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Sabbatical Agreement - People and Culture
Safety Regulations - Notice of Student Non-compliance
Science Camp Emergency Contact Information
Service Agreement Annual Renewal

Short Term Disability

Signing Authority Compliance
Signing Authority Delegation for Grants/Projects
Single Source Justification (see Direct Award Request)
Site Snow Removal and Sanding Log - Campus Management
Site Tour Form – Medical Laboratory Assistant Program
Software Booking Confirmation - Library Information Common
Sponsorship Agreement for Academic Programs - Third Party Billing
Sponsorship Agreement for School of Continuing Education - Third Party Billing
Stage Manager's Report - Arts Facilities
Stay Connected - Alumni Relations (word)
Stay Connected - Alumni Relations (pdf)
Student Appeal Form (word)
Student-Athlete Academic Report
Student Consent for References - Registrar
Student Questionnaire - EDES 301
Student Recognition Award Nomination - Learn more by viewing information about Student Ambassadors
Student Travel Waiver - School of Creative Arts
Student Writer Award of Excellence Nomination
Summative Report
Summer Sports Camps Emergency Contact Information
Summerscapes - Registration
Supplemental Examination Application

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Take a Seat Donation Form
Technology User Agreement
Timetable Change
Tobacco Reduction Program Participant Intake Survey
Tobacco Reduction Program Quit Attempt Registration
Transfer Credit Request
Transfer of Donated Equipment
Travel and Business Expense Claim
Travel and Business Expense Quick Reference Guide
Travel and Professional Development Fund Application
Tribute/Endowment Fund Request - Community Relations
Tuition Voucher Request Form
Tuition Waiver Form
Tutoring Agreement
Tutoring Log - AIT Project
Tutoring Services Intake

V - Return to Top

Vehicle Loss Report
Vehicle Requisition - Residence Tenants' Association Vehicle
Vicki Mix Administrative Excellence Nomination - CUPE
Volunteer Activities Record - Bachelor of Education Program
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - Community Relations

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Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Volunteer Request
Wire Payment Request
Workplace Inspection

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Year-End Faculty Report


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