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Alternative Energy Initiative

We are Committed to Innovation

The Red Deer Polytechnic Alternative Energy Initiative promotes environmental stewardship by using sustainable and energy efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption. 

The components to Red Deer Polytechnic's Alternative Energy Initiative include:

Generation of Alternative Energy: several facilities on main campus hGary W. Harris Canada Games Centreave solar (photo-voltaic) panels installed, including the newest Residence, the Alternative Energy Lab and the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre. By early 2019, 4,190 panels were installed across main campus in a range of conventional and non-conventional configurations, supporting learning about energy production and efficiency. In addition, a Combined Heat and Power Unit has been created to produce heat (hot water) to generate electricity. The heat that otherwise would have been wasted is tied into the existing hot water distribution system and is used for space heating in various locations of the main campus.

Alternative Energy Lab: Red Deer Polytechnic's Alternative Energy Lab, which officially opened in February 2019, serves as a teaching, research, and data hub to increase knowledge and awareness about alternative energy technologies for students, industry, and researchers.

Continuing Conservation: Red Deer Polytechnic has converted significant portions of the campus to LED lighting.

Green Campus: through a variety of simple, yet effective, initiatives Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to enhancing our green campus. We inform our faculty, staff, students and visitors about subjects such as energy and water conservation, as well as other environmentally-friendly areas. As an example, we encourage people to walk, bike or use transit as they travel to the College's campuses. Additionally, recycle bins are placed throughout our campuses, to collect paper, coffee cups and bottles. Did you know proceeds from recycled bottles help fund student scholarships? Thanks for doing your part to help our students, and our environment!   

Part of a Larger Picture

The Alternative Energy Initiative is possible through a Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund grant with matching investment by Red Deer Polytechnic, and it supports the Government of Canada's climate change objectives by encouraging sustainable and green infrastructure projects. This funding was announced on January 20, 2017, and complete details are available in the media release.


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