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Advanced Prototype and Manufacturing Equipment


The Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC) is home to over $7.6M of advanced prototype and manufacturing equipment – everything you need to turn your idea into a marketable product.

Gain an advantage over your competitors by building your prototype with our advanced technology, modern testing facilities, and resources. And when you partner with the CIM-TAC you get more than just the equipment. You get an experienced team of innovative designers and machinists working alongside you every step of the way. With your ideas, their guidance, and the right design process and approach, you’re on track for something remarkable.

Take advantage of the CIM-TAC's advanced prototype and manufacturing equipment

3D Printers 

Reduce your concept-to-market time with 3D printing. Using a variety of plastics, powders and colours, we can print concept models, functional prototypes, and manufacturing tools layer by layer - all from computer design.

  • ExOne Innovent+ Binder Jet
  • Stratasys FDM400mc
  • Markforged Mark Two
  • Ultimaker 3
  • Formlabs Form 3
  • EnvisionTEC Xtreme 8K
  • Fortus 450mc Industrial FDM
  • Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy
  • Formlabs Fuse 1+

3D Printing Information

CIM Equipment 2

CNC Milling Machines

Our CNC (computer numerically controlled) automated milling and turning machines work with metal, wood, and plastic. Featuring automatic feeders, robotic arms, and pallet changes, this automated process (including waste chip removal) can create anywhere from 1 to 1,000 + parts, all precisely measured to ensure uniformity.   

  • Mazak Integrex i200 CNC 5 axis Mill
  • HAAS VF-3 SS with Trunion CNC 5-axis Mill
  • HAAS EC-400 CNC Mill


CIM Equipment 3

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Used in areas where precise measurement or part verification is required, such as reverse engineering. Measurement can be done manually or via computer control and provides uniform quality control for production line products.

  • Mitutoyo Crystal Apex
  • Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Comparator
CIM Equipment 4

Laser Scanning Technologies

Laser scanners analyze real-world objects to digitally capture shape. The unique benefit to laser scanning is that it allows you to scan parts that are no longer in production or one-of-a-kind objects for reverse engineering. It can also be used to verify part dimensions for quality control. 

  • Creaform HandyScan Laser Scanner
  • Faro Laser Scanner



CIM Equipment 5

Laser Cutter and Engraver

Precision laser cutting machines allow you to quickly cut and engrave materials including acrylic, cork, fiberglass, marble, and polyester.

  • Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Engraver and Cutter
  • LaserPro Spirit GX Laser Engraver
CIM Equipment 6

Precision Oven

Accurate temperature control (using a fully programmable thermostat) allows you to heat material up to 600° F / 315° C. The oven can be used to cure epoxy compounds and create irreversibly hardened parts for use in industries such as aerospace and automotive.

  • Precision Quincy Curing Oven


CIM Equipment 7

Panel Router

Computer controlled and automated panel routers cut and carve designs in wood, plastics, and thin aluminum. This fast and replicable process can be used in sign-making, machining odd parts, furniture making, and cabinet making.

  • Techno LC Series 4896 CNC Router

Waterjet Cutter

The waterjet cutter allows you to cut complex patterns into thick material (metals, composites, stone, sheet glass, etc.) using a thin stream of water mixed with an abrasive medium. This process is cold (no metallurgical change to heat sensitive materials like alloys) and green (no fumes are produced).

  • Flow Mach 200 Waterjet (Pivot+5 axis)


CIM Equipment 9

Tensile and Strength Testing

Tensile and compression strength testing lets you test sample specimens to failure and view computer-generated data (stress/strain curves) for the material.

  • Instron 3366 Tensile Tester and United 135000lbs
  • Mitutoyo HR-500 Hardness Tester
CIM Equipment 10

Thermal Vacuum Former

This machine can be used to quickly manufacture plastic moulds for use in product packaging, medical devices, chocolate moulds, theatre props, etc. The thermal sheet is heated to forming temperature, stretched over single-surface mould, and held there via vacuum suction.

  • Formech Large Format Vacuum Former


Equipment Rentals

The CIM-TAC is able to make certain equipment available to rent. We see opening up access to our technology as a step to assist industry and diversify the economy. If you are interested in equipment rental, please see our Equipment Rental brochure, or innovation [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Equipment%20Rentals%20-%20from%20website) (contact us) for more information.

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