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Collaborating on innovative ideas with our clients and our community is deeply rewarding. Not only do we get to see your ideas come to life, but each of them helps to advance the manufacturing community and industry as a whole. 

Work with a trusted partner that has your best interests in mind 

Our applied research teams have worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses like yours in a wide range of specializations. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, helping turn your ideas into products that you can take to production. Your success is our mission, so we make sure that even the smallest details are done right. And we use confidentiality agreements in all of our collaborations to make sure your intellectual property is protected.

See how we've helped SMEs to succeed by reading about a few of the innovative ideas that have come to life at the CIM-TAC:

Moppitt from Dakota Supplies

Compact Design Multi-Use Cleaning Tool

Dakota Supplies wanted a cost effective prototype to use in a market trial before committing to expensive dies for injection molding. The CIM-TAC team was able to research, experiment, recommend and deliver a casting process in a very short timeline by using 3D printing to create a high resolution prototype and 500 manufactured canisters to be used for field trials. Dakota Supplies made their trial market run, took the product to two Canadian airlines, and received several grants and government loans.

Modular Solar Roof System

Modular Solar Roof System

Finis Energy came to the CIM-TAC for help continuing the development of their patented prototype - a cutting-edge solar panel roof tile. This tile replaces asphalt shingles and allows homeowners to use solar energy to generate electricity. It is easy to install and has an interlocking design that allows for individual replacement when needed.

Anti-Snore Device

Anti-Snore Device

MPowRx had a product design for a simple yet innovative anti-snore device. They wanted to leverage the CIM-TAC’s technical expertise and rapid prototyping technology to modify the product design, and to test packing options. With our 3D printing and vacuum forming technology, we made adjustments to various prototypes for MPowRx, confirming the strength of the design and giving them the ability to scale the business. The Good Morning Snore Solution is now sold in 43 countries on five continents around the globe.

“This work was really on the critical path for us to go global with the product. It led to our ability to scale the business and then evaluate new market opportunities not currently being targeted.”  ~Dr. Nancy Markley, President and CEO of MPowRx.

Medical Wound Clamp

Medical Wound Clamp

The iTClamp® is an easy to use medical device designed to instantly clamp a compressible wound shut and promote natural clotting, staving off further blood loss until a wound can be thoroughly addressed in hospital. Dr. Fillips and Dr. Ian Atkinson asked the CIM-TAC to translate their 3D CAD drawings into 3D printer-generated working prototype components. They needed to assess the form, fit and function of each of the different prototypes. The iterative design-build-test process produced 34 different 3D print prototypes over approximately nine months. With only subtle changes, the final iterations from the 3D prototypes were ultimately used to make the production molds. Today the iTClamp® has been approved for sale as a class-two medical device (prescription only) throughout North America, Europe and Australia. 

“We've sold tens of thousands of units in a market that spans 30 countries. We have 181 cases to date where we've confirmed use of the device has had significant impact on patient outcome.”  ~ Dr. Ian Atkinson.

Canine Surgical Implant

Canine Surgical Implant

Veterinary surgeon Neil Embleton needed help designing, manufacturing, and stress-testing a prototype of a surgical implant to repair canine stifle (knee) instability. CIM-TAC staff contributed engineering expertise and rapid prototype technology, and over two-and-a-half years helped develop several prototypes for testing. Embleton estimated that working with the CIM-TAC helped him to bring the Simitri Stable in Stride to market 18 months earlier than without our support.

“They were very open and very helpful. So much so that I’ve already gone back and asked to work with them again on another, related project.” ~ Neil Embleton.

 Nipiy Industries Sanitation Station

Solar Powered Sanitation Station

Jason Lizotte of Nipiy Industries came to the CIM-TAC looking for ideas on how to optimize his innovative solar-powered hand wash station for mass production. We created a two-phase approach: first we looked at light-weighting and manufacturability in terms of an immediate increase in units, followed by a redesign using moulded purpose built design for large scale production.

Steel Logo Sculpture

Leading edge ideas become reality when clients collaborate with the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC) to discover innovative manufacturing solutions.

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