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Applied Research for Industry


A key goal of the Energy Innovation Centre is to engage with regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in order to provide resources, support, and sound rationales for them to invest in research and development, strengthening demand, diversifying options, and expanding their capacity.

Applied Research Services

The EIC hosts a network of knowledge around the design and efficacy of alternative and renewable energy sources. We fill the R&D gap for companies interested in integrating or pursuing alternative energy, and can provide them with applied research services such as:

  • Energy analysis
  • Integration of renewable systems studies
  • Data analytics
  • Power system simulation
  • Power and control equipment testing
  • 3rd party validation of new alternative energy technologies

The EIC’s Alternative Energy Lab is an applied research venue that allows us to work with and support innovators in the region. Real-time data collected through RDP's alternative energy generation is utilized and analyzed in the lab allowing for assessment related to energy production and integration, utilization, and distribution.

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Our applied research projects address real life challenges and help our industry partners to adapt, innovate, and remain competitive. If you are interested in integrating or pursuing alternative and renewable energy systems, the EIC can provide the applied research services to fill the industry gap in R&D.

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Student learning on solar trainer in the Alternative Energy Lab Interior view of the Alternative Energy Lab Staff adjusting a solar trainer in the Alternative Energy Lab



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