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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation and Convocation

Graduates can have formal photos taken leading up to Convocation - or even on Convocation Day. Please see Graduation Photographs for complete details on these sessions and how to receive your free ceremony photo.


Red Deer Polytechnic supports the choice of all those attending our Convocation ceremonies to wear a face covering – or not – as it works for your personal situation. We ask that everyone respects the choices of one another as we celebrate Convocation together.

If you complete your program of studies before the end of August 2022, you can attend Red Deer Polytechnic's Convocation Ceremonies on Friday, June 3, 2022.  

If your program is still in progress at the end of August, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance at Convocation. Your actual certificate or diploma will be mailed once all courses are complete. Students who complete their programs after August 2022 will be eligible to attend the Convocation Ceremonies in June 2023.    

If you are in an Apprenticeship Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Red Deer Polytechnic. Your journeyman certificate is provided by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.  

To attend Convocation 2022, you must apply online.  

On April 8, all eligible graduates were sent communications with a link to apply to attend Convocation. These communications were sent through a student personal announcement on TheLoop and by email.  

You must apply to attend Convocation by May 11, 2022. 

For additional details, see Applying to Attend Convocation. 

We are sorry, but requests from graduates to participate in Convocation Ceremonies cannot be accommodated within two weeks of the Convocation date. Individual requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis after the official deadline, but graduates cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to attend.      

For more information, email convocation [at] rdpolytechnic [dot] ca.  

Graduates wear Convocation gowns, as described in the Convocation Gowns section. The gown rental is $50.

Graduates are permitted to bring a maximum of three guests to Convocation. Invitations are not required, and tickets do not need to be purchased. Please see Guest Information for complete details on parking and accommodation options.

Most graduates choose to wear dress clothes to attend their Convocation Ceremony. Students are also invited to wear their traditional Indigenous regalia, such as a ribbon shirt, ribbon skirt or Metis sash, in celebration of their Convocation Day.   

Graduates will don Convocation gowns over their own clothes for their ceremony, as described in the Convocation Gowns information. Please note that Indigenous graduates who choose to wear traditional regalia to celebrate Convocation will have the choice of whether or not to wear a gown over their regalia.  

Formal Portraits

Graduates are encouraged to wear whatever dress clothes feel most appropriate for them. Please remember that you will be wearing a gown over your personal clothes for the formal portrait.

Traditionally, women have worn a white collared blouse in the portrait or simply a bare neck. Both styles work well. Men traditionally wear a white shirt and tie with dress pants for their sitting session.

All graduate portraits will be taken with and without the grad cap. Head/shoulder and close-ups will be part of your sitting session.

Informal Portraits

These portraits are an expression of your individual personality. You can bring a change of clothing for these portraits and have them taken with personal props that express your talents and interests to capture your personal creativity and style. We want you to have fun and feel special at your sitting!

Yes. You are a Red Deer Polytechnic alum once you have:

  • Completed 30 credits at Red Deer Polytechnic, even when we were RDC (typically 10 classes per year)
  • Finished a trades program or completed a portion of it at Red Deer Polytechnic
  • Started your degree at Red Deer Polytechnic (even if you finished it by transferring)

Typically, the RDP Alumni Association present new grads with a Welcome note and the opportunity to sign up for an Alumni Benefits Card at Convocation.

If you’d like to sign up for your alumni benefits now, please visit


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