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Make Your Convocation Day Memorable

10 ways to make your Convocation Day a success!  
  1. Enjoy your moment. The hard work is done. Take it all in.  
  2. Keep it classy and dress for the occasion. Casual and clean is good (dresses, dress pants).  
  3. It’s important to arrive ON TIME in order to get your gown and hood, hear the important instructions from the Student Marshals and be ready for the entrance procession.  
  4. Please leave your purses, personal items, coffees, etc. with family or friends. There is no check-in or storage available. RDP will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables.  
  5. Cell phones should be on silent mode and put away! Using your cell phone during the ceremony is distracting to you and others seated around you.  
  6. Remember to visit the washroom BEFORE the ceremonies so you don’t miss your cue. 
  7. Parents/guests are not allowed in the gowning area before the ceremony. Please arrange a meeting spot with your guests to meet after the ceremonies.  
  8. Cheer on your classmates! Clapping and whooping allowed. It’s a day to celebrate all Red Deer Polytechnic graduates.  
  9. Each ceremony is approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours long. Please be considerate of the other graduates and stay until the end of the ceremony.  
  10. Remember to smile. Like, all day! Staff will be taking photographs, videos, and posting on social media throughout the day. 

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