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Reiko Yeap Ph.D.

Reiko Yeap
Humanities & Social Sciences
School of Arts and Culture
Reiko [dot] Yeap [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca

Dr. Reiko Yeap has a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and a M.Sc. in Clinical and Health Psychological Research. Her general areas of teaching, research, and publishing include health psychology, cognitive psychology, research methods and statistics, health and wellness program evaluation and mental health literacy. Some of her recent projects were completed in collaboration with Alberta Health Services, Red Deer Primary Care Network and Central Alberta Immigrant Women Association. Prior to joining Red Deer College in 2009, Dr. Yeap was affiliated to a medical university in Malaysia where she actively engaged in interdisciplinary research, studying a wide range of topics including patient-provider relationships and healthcare communication. Having trained and worked in Canada, United Kingdom and Malaysia, she is always sharing her international experience with students. 


Ph.D. (Health Psychology), University of Malaya
M.Sc. (Psychological Research) (Clinical and Health), University of Wales
B.A. (Psychology), University of New Brunswick   

Main Areas of Teaching

Health Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, Psychological Testing.

Scholarly Activity

Selected Publications

Klassen, D., Yeap, R., Schmitt-Boshnick, M., Oddie, S. (2019). Perspectives and Outcomes of a Long and Shorter Community Mental Health Program. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Open Science Index 153, International Journal of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, 13(9), 1215 - 1220.

Lai, S. T., Beevi, Z., & Yeap, R. (2014). Effects of fast-food branding on children’s taste preferences. South East Asia Psychology Journal, 2, 39–56. 

Low, W.Y., Yeap, R., & Tong, W.T. (2011). Achieving the UN’s Millennium Development Goal in combating HIV and AIDS: The Malaysia scenario. Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy, 5(2), 419–441. 

Yeap, R., & Low, W.Y. (2009). Mental health knowledge, attitude and help-seeking tendency: a Malaysian context. Singapore Medical Journal, 50(12), 1169–1176. 

Lukman, H., Beevi, Z., & Yeap, R. (2009). Training future doctors to be patient-centred: Efficacy of a Communication Skills Training (CST) programme in a Malaysian medical institution. Malaysian Medical Journal, 64(1), 51–55. 

Yeap, R., Beevi, Z., & Lukman, H. (2008). Evaluating IMU Communication Skills Training Programme: Assessment Tool Development. Malaysian Medical Journal, 63(3), 91–93. 

Lukman H, Beevi Z, Mohamadou G, & Yeap R. (2006). Implementing assessment-based communication skills curriculum in pre-clinical phase: An IMU experience. Malaysian Medical Journal, 61(2), 214–216

Yeap, R., & Low, W.Y. (2008). Perceptions and attitudes toward mental health in a multicultural society [Abstract]. Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, 18 (4), p. 65. 

Book Chapter
Yeap, R. (2008). Advertising. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship and Sexuality through History (6), 9 - 12. US: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Yeap, R. (2010). Behaviour Modification. Malaysia: Open University Press.

Conference Presentations 
Helmer, D., Yeap, R., & Oddie, S. (2016, June). Prediction for Participation and Success in a Health Behaviour Change Program. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Annual Convention, Victoria, British Columbia Canada. 

Milkovich, L. Hermary, L., Krasowski, A., Maskowitz, C., Oddie, S., Powell, L., Thompson, D., Yeap, R. (2014, November). How Can We Better Support the Primary Care Team? Adapting and Piloting a Health Team Effectiveness Tool. Poster presented at the Accelerating Primary Care Conference 2014, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

Lai, S.T., Yeap, R., & Beevi, Z. (2012, September). Effects of Fast-Food Branding on Children’s Taste Preferences. Poster presented at the South East Asia Psychology Conference 2012, Sabah Malaysia. 

Yeap, R. & Low, W.Y. (2009, December). Role of culture in help-seeking behaviour and preferences for mental health services. Poster presented at the 41st APACPH Conference, Taipei, Taiwan. 

Yeap, R. & Low, W.Y. (2009, July). Psychology: Do psychology students know better than the general public? Poster presented at the Southeast Asia Psychology Conference 2009, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Beevi, Z., Yeap, R., & Yadav, H. (2009, July). How would medical students cope with stress during housemanship? Poster presented at the Southeast Asia Psychology Conference 2009, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Beevi, Z., Yeap, R., & Yadav, H. (2009, July). Introducing health and illness using a Draw-A-Person task to preclinical medical students. Poster presented at the Southeast Asia Psychology Conference 2009, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Yeap, R., Yadav, H., & Beevi, Z. (2009, March). Readiness for housemanship among medical students at the International Medical University (IMU). Poster presented at the International Medical Education Conference 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Yeap, R. & Low, W.Y. (2008). Perceptions and attitudes toward mental health in a multicultural society. Poster presented at the 1st Joint International Conference of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of Psychiatrists: Advancing Psychiatric Care in the Emerging World, Hong Kong.

Yeap, R. & Low, W.Y. (2008). Perceptions, attitudes and help seeking tendency: Urban vs. Rural. Poster presented at the 40th APACPH Annual Conference: Global Public Health Challenges, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Yeap, R., Yadav, H., & Beevi, Z. (2008, March). Investigating medical students’ perceptions of health and illness using the Draw-A-Person Test. Poster presented at the International Medical Education Conference 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Yeap, R., & Low W.Y. (2007, July). Students’ knowledge and perception on psychology: A Malaysian context. Poster presented at the International Conference on Teaching of Psychology, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
Lukman, H., Yeap, R., Mohamadou, G., & Beevi, Z. (2007, April). The Experiential Approach: A Preferred Method to Inculcate Conceptual Knowledge of Doctor-Patient Communication. Poster presented at International Medical Education Conference 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Lukman, H., Yeap, R., & Beevi, Z. (2006, August). Relationship between knowledge, attitude, selfefficacy and communication skills performance in OSCE. Poster presented at 3rd Medical Education Colloquium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Lukman, H., Beevi, Z., Mohamadou, G., & Yeap, R. (2005, November). Implementation and Evaluation of Communication Skills Training Programme for Pre-Clinical Medical Students: A Malaysian Context. Poster presented at 2005 National Quality Assurance (QA) Convention, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Yeap, R. (2003, May) The development of Self-control in Pre-school children: A single subject design. Poster presented at Psychology Mini Conference, University of Wales, United Kingdom.

Current and Recent Research
The Impact of Covid-19 on Patients Help-Seeking Decision 

Screen Time, Self-Control and Well-Being 

Community Involvement
Research Collaboration with Red Deer Primary Care Network, Alberta Health Services, Health Quality Council of Alberta

Research Collaboration with Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association
Professional and/or RDP Leadership
    RDC Research Ethics Board

Professional Training 
     Certificate in Applied Psychometrics

Professional Memberships 
    Canadian Psychological Association 

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