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Health Care Management Post-Diploma Certificate

Health Care Management Post-Diploma Certificate
Post Diploma Certificate

16 months

-Main Campus
The Program

The Health Care Management Post-Diploma Certificate prepares graduates to take on management or leadership roles within the complex and rapidly changing health care sector. Complementing the learner’s prior education as a practitioner, the program draws upon relevant management and organizational knowledge to support those who manage and lead, or aspire to do so, within health organizations. Throughout the program, foundational business concepts are applied to the challenges faced by both public and private health care organizations. Graduates of the program will possess the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help their organizations achieve their business and strategic goals. They will also understand the importance of a collaborative, patient-centred, and culturally sensitive working environment. Please note that the program length is 16 months.

Program Outcomes:

  • Address the needs of a variety of cultures and behaviours and respond to a diverse number of situations and environments using best patient practices to ensure positive health care operations and outcomes.
  • Employ professional leadership principles/concepts as a member of a collaborative practice health care team to achieve enhanced patient experiences/outcomes.
  • Employ strategies that promote/sustain population health, wellness, and quality of life.
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders and cultivate a culture of effective communications in the collaborative practice health care team.
  • Practice within the legal, ethical, and professional scope of practice in the province of Alberta as a member of a collaborative practice health care team.
  • Examine the impact of health care technology and informatics on best patient practices and the maintenance and protection of health-related documentation.
  • Assess financial analytics and data in order to inform decision-making and maximize outcomes.
  • Adopt Indigenous cultural safety practices in order to prevent and address the harm caused by discrimination and prejudice.
  • Demonstrate balance between professional and personal life.
  • Practice strategic decision-making and planning in order to achieve the organization’s business goals.
Program Content

HCM 505 Health Care Policy in Canada
HCM 510 Law
HCM 515 Ethics
HCM 520 Communications
HCM 525 Strategic Leadership/Planning
HCM 530 Evidence-Based Decision-Making
HCM 535 Financial Practice
HCM 540 Information Management
HCM 545 Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
HCM 550 Self/Client Care and Cultural Sensitivity
HCM 555 Management of Human Resources
HCM 560 Capstone
HCM 561 Applications in HCM I
HCM 562 Applications in HCM II
HCM 563 Applications in HCM III
HCM 564 Applications in HCM IV

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