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Management Certificate

Management Certificate - male student in classroom

1 year

-Main Campus
The Program

NOTE:  Current Management Certificate students will complete their existing program.  Applications are being accepted for the new Business Certificate program for a Fall 2022 start.  RDP will facilitate current students to finish the Management Certificate program by the end of the 2022-23 academic year.

This program is designed for students who work full-time and study part-time. The Certificate permits part-time students to earn a college credential. Students can also be admitted to the Management Certificate on a full-time basis. You must complete eight business courses as outlined below to be awarded the certificate. To meet graduation requirements, students must complete all courses with a minimum grade of "D" and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 (62%).

Program Content
  • One Accounting Course (except ACCT 075) ACCT 102 Recommended
  • One Computing Course (3 or 4 credits) BADM 207 or BADM 210 Recommended
  • BUS 303 - Organizational Behaviour
  • One Economics Course ECON 101 Recommended
  • Four Business Options

Courses are to be selected from those listed under "Business Options" under "Program Content" for the Business Administration Diploma.

RDP Continuing Education course work may be used for up to two course equivalents. Generally, forty-five hours of approved Continuing Education courses will be considered equivalent to one three credit Business Option course. For students planning to ladder into the Business Administration Diploma, Continuing Education courses will not be accepted for credit. Exceptions to the above are to be approved by the Department.

It is recommended that students take either one of BUS 201 - Introduction to Business or BADM 110 - Introduction to Management as one of their four (4) business options. It is recommended that students choosing ACCT 102 - Introductory Accounting I also take, as an option course, ACCT 103 - Introductory Accounting II. 

Notes: Notes 1-7 refer to equivalent courses that may be taken in lieu of various specified courses. Students may receive credit for only one of each equivalency.

  1. ACCT 202 is equivalent to ACCT 102 plus ACCT 103
  2. ACCT 204 is equivalent to ACCT 104
  3. ECON 201 is equivalent to ECON 100
  4. ECON 202 is equivalent to ECON 101
  5. BUS 306 is equivalent to BADM 111
  6. BUS 310 is equivalent to BADM 260 and is acceptable as a prerequisite for BADM 270.
  7. BADM 170, BADM 107, BUS 358, CMPT 261 and CMPT 170 are not accepted for credit towards the Business Administration Diploma.
Delivery Options

This program is available on-campus as well as through online delivery. Distance students will require regular access to a computer with Internet service.

Transfer Features

Business Administration Diploma after the Management Certificate

Students wanting to advance their studies in business administration are able to apply the Management Certificate courses to the two-year Business Administration or Diploma. However, course selection should be given careful consideration as part of the overall planning for the Management Certificate.

Students who have completed the Management Certificate program and successfully fulfill the graduation requirement for the Business Administration Diploma will be granted the Business Administration Diploma only.

Computing Skills

Students entering the program should have a working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software. Students without the prerequisite knowledge can take CMPT 261 or CMPT 170 for credit toward their Management Certificate. BADM 107 is not accepted for credit in the Management Certificate. It is recommended that students with requisite computing skills take BADM 207.

Communications Course Placement Testing

Students will be required to take a Communications and Skills Assessment Test before registering in a 200-level written communications course.  A minimum score of 530 on the Combined Reading and Writing and 7 on the WritePlacer Test is required.

NOTE:  COMM 150 and 250 are course requirements for the Management, Certificate.  However, if students achieve a satisfactory mark on their Communications Skills Assessment, they will be exempt from COMM 150 and will only need to take COMM 250.  

NOTE:   If a student achieves 60% or greater in ELA 30-1 or equivalent, they are exempt from having to take the Communications Skills Assessment, their registration will be cancelled in COMM 150 and they will only need to take COMM 250.

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