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University Transfer: Bachelor of Education

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Bachelor's Degree
  • 1 or 2 years at RDP
  • 2 or 3 years at most universities


-Main Campus
The Program

Graduates of the four-year Bachelor of Education program (University of Alberta) and the five-year combined degree program (University of Alberta and The University of Lethbridge) are eligible to apply for Teacher Certification in the Province of Alberta and all other provinces. RDP offers up to two years (60 credits) of transferable coursework in these programs.

Your educational experience is further enhanced through active participation in the Education Undergraduate Society (EUS). Membership in this society entitles you to attend conferences, conventions and other activities of the Alberta Teachers' Association.

Program Content UT

University Programs


  • * Transfer after one year recommended.
  • ** Transfer may be difficult at this time. Courses needed may not be available at RDP. You should have an alternate major in mind and/or apply directly to the University.
  • *** Graduates of the MusicDiploma, Theatre Performance and Creation Diploma, Theatre and Entertainment Diploma, or Visual Arts Diploma may apply to The University of Lethbridge's Post-diploma BMus/BEd or BFA/BEd programs and complete this Combined Degree Program with an additional 35 courses.

Please see the School of Education Advising and Recruiting Specialist if you have questions about the Post-diploma Combined Degree programs in Music or Fine Arts.

University of Alberta

Students may apply to the University of Alberta to complete B.Ed. Elementary or Secondary on the University campus.

Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 6)

Secondary (Grades 7-12)

Majors include:

  • Art *   **
  • Biological Sciences
  • Career & Technology Studies *   **
  • Chemistry
  • English Language Arts
  • General Sciences
  • Mathematics *
  • Music - Wind Band *
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Sciences
  • Physics *
  • Social Studies

Minors include:

All major subjects above plus

  • Drama
  • Health Education

The University of Lethbridge

Students completing a combined degree through The University of Lethbridge may choose the following combinations at RDP:

Degree - BA/BEd

  • Anthropology - Social Studies Education
  • Art - Art Education *
  • Canadian Studies - Social Studies Education
  • Dramatic Arts - Drama Education *
  • Economics - Social Studies Education
  • English - English Language Arts Education
  • General Humanities - English Language Arts Education
  • Geography - Social Studies Education *
  • Kinesiology - Physical Education
  • General Social Science - Physical Education
  • General Social Science - Social Studies Education
  • History - Social Studies Education*
  • Political Science - Social Studies Education *
  • Sociology - Social Studies Education

Degree - BFA/BEd

  • Art - Art Education***

Degree - BFA/BEd

  • Dramatic Arts - Drama Education***

Degree - BMgmt/BEd

  • General Management - Career & Technology Studies: Business Focus

Degree - BMus/BEd

  • Music - Music Education***

Degree - BSc/BEd

  • Math - Mathematics Education*
  • General Sciences - Mathematics Education*
  • Biological Sciences - Science Education
  • Chemistry - Science Education*
  • General Sciences - Science Education*
  • Geography - Science Education *
University Transfer Program

One-and Two-Year University Transfer Program:

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides in Academic Advising.

Transfer Features

Red Deer Polytechnic offers up to two years of coursework in Bachelor of Education programs transferable to University of Alberta and The University of Lethbridge. Some routes and majors in University of Alberta and The University of Lethbridge programs may require transfer after one year if RDP does not offer all needed courses.

Before planning your program and registering in courses, decide on which university you wish to attend, the grade level you want to teach, and the subject area in which you will specialize. (See details under University Transfer Programs.) Detailed information regarding course selection and transfer admission requirements for the University of Alberta and The University of Lethbridge are provided by the Red Deer Polytechnic School of Education before you register.

University of Calgary offers three routes to a Bachelor of Education:  

  1. 5-Year Concurrent (Direct-Entry) Program in Elementary or Secondary Education – up to one year (30 credits) of coursework may be available at RDP
  2. 4-Year Community-Based Pathway – up to two years (60 credits) of coursework may be available at RDP; preference for admission to this program at University of Calgary is given to students who meet the Werkland School of Education’s definition of “rural”; contact the Werkland School of Education at University of Calgary for information.
  3. 2-Year (After-Degree) Consecutive Education Program in Elementary or Secondary Education – a degree in a specific teachable subject is required for admission

Contact the Red Deer Polytechnic School of Education Advising and Recruiting Specialist for further information.

Universities accept a limited number of students to the Bachelor of Education program. Successful transfer admission is based on proper course selection, credit hours completed, grade point average (GPA), and other requirements. The requirements vary depending on which university, route, and major/minor you choose. Some routes and majors are more competitive than others and may require a higher grade point average to gain admission. If you plan to transfer to a university other than University of Alberta or The University of Lethbridge you are advised to contact your destination university for program planning and transfer admission information. The School of Education Advising and Recruiting Specialist can assist you with this process.

University of Alberta

(Year 1 & 2)

Please note that these credits are U of A credits.

Elementary Route (60 credits)

  • EDUC 250 (3 credits)
  • EDPY course (3 credits)
  • EDIT 302 (3 credits)
  • Junior English (6 credits)
  • Senior English (3 credits)
  • Fine Arts (6 credits)
  • Mathematics (6 credits)
  • Natural Science (6 credits)
  • Physical Education (3 credits)
  • Health Education (3 credits)
  • Social Science (3 credits)
  • Canadian History (3 credits)
  • Aboriginal & Indigenous Histories and Culture (3 credits)
  • Non Education Options and or Open Options (9 credits)

Secondary Route (up to 60 credits)

  • EDIT 302 (3 credits)
  • EDUC 250 (3 credits)
  • EDPY course (3 credits)
  • English (6 credits)
  • Major/Minor (up to 39 credits)
  • Open Options (6 credits)

University of Calgary

  • Please consult with the RDP School of Education Advising and Recruiting Specialist.

University of Lethbridge

Please note that these credits are U of L credits.

  • EDFX 203 (3 credits)
  • EDFN 341 (3 credits)
  • Education Options (9 credits)
  • Major (24 or 33 credits)
  • Options (21 or 12 credits).

Burman University

Burman University provides RDP students with the opportunity to transfer into the Bachelor of Education (4-yr) program. To meet the core, cognate, minor, specialization and major requirements for transfer into these programs, you should consult with the School of Education at Burman University.

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