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Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma


2 years at RDP

-Main Campus
The Program

Note:  This program is under review and has been suspended for the 2021/22 Academic year. Applications are not being accepted at this time.


Technology is everywhere - from the cars we drive to the cell phones in our hands to the heat in our homes. Electrical Engineering Technologists are professionals who apply the principles of electricity to develop, implement, and maintain systems that deliver power, transmit information, or control electro-mechanical devices. The Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program at Red Deer Polytechnic is a unique blend of the "traditional" discipline of power generation and distribution with the more contemporary specialization of Instrumentation and automatic control.

All Engineering Technologists learn fundamental skills in mathematics, sciences, computer programming, technical writing, and project management. EET students at Red Deer Polytechnic pursue advanced studies in power distribution, maintenance and troubleshooting, PLC programming, Electric Machines, Industrial Data Networks and Data Acquisition Systems. Based on National Technology Benchmarks for Electrical Engineering Technology, this program, coupled with industry experience, will lead to the Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) and Professional Technologist (PTech) designations. Graduates will develop knowledge and skills that enable them to:

  • Employ relevant industry health and safety standards, codes, policies and procedures in accordance with current legislation, regulations and organizational policy.
  • Develop designs and specifications for electrical distribution and utilization systems.
  • Design, select, deploy and maintain power electronics equipment and systems.
  • Analyze and solve complex technical problems by applying principles of advanced mathematics and science.
  • Design, specify, deploy and maintain rotating electrical machines and transformers.
  • Design, specify, test, deploy and maintain industrial data communications networks, equipment, media, and software.
  • Employ computer hardware and software to create, test, evaluate, and simulate electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Apply the principles and practices of project management.
  • Research, analyze, prepare, author, and communicate in written, verbal, nonverbal, and presentation formats, technical documentation appropriate for a variety of audiences.
  • Identify, develop, and demonstrate strategies for maintaining continuing competency and practice standards associated with global industry trends and practices.
  • Design, specify, deploy and maintain industrial control and automation systems.

More Program Information

Program Content

Year 1

  • GET 106 Engineering CAD
  • GET 206 Computer Programming
  • GET 116 Professional Communications
  • EET 140 Technology Physics
  • EET 137 Electrical Code 
  • GET 129 Technology Mathematics I
  • GET 130 Technology Mathematics II 
  • EET 107 Semiconductor Electronics
  • EET 138 Electrical Code II
  • EET 132 Power Systems Analysis
  • EET 115 Electrical Machines I
  • EET 123 Circuit Analysis
  • EET 135 Microcontroller Interfacing

Year 2

  • GET 208 Project Management
  • GET 204 Professional Practice
  • EET 205 PLC and Control
  • EET 255 Electrical Machines II
  • EET 237 Electrical Code III
  • EET 212 Power Systems Operations
  • EET 265 Renewable Power Generation
  • EET 238 Electrical Code IV
  • EET 270 Protective Relaying
  • EET 273 Power Electronics
  • EET 263 Electrical Reliability
  • EET 230 SCADA and HMI
  • EET 235 Industrial Networks
  • EET 260 Capstone Project

Visit RDP’s Course Catalogue/Timetable to read detailed course descriptions.

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