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Instrumentation Engineering Technology Diploma


2 years at RDP

-Main Campus
The Program

Red Deer Polytechnic is offering a new diploma, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering Diploma.

Note:  This program is under review and has been suspended for the 2021/22 Academic year. Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Instrumentation engineering and associated technologies are rapidly changing and expanding in virtually every industrial and commercial sector. Current and future demand for Instrumentation Engineering Technologists (IETs) in this multi-disciplinary field is exceptionally high. Instrumentation systems form the monitoring and control nervous system of a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Thanks to such systems, commodities like oil, gas, electric power, wood products, clean drinking water, food products, and a wide variety of consumer goods find their way to market.

Program Outcomes
Possessing a unique blend of focused theoretical and practical training, graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Employ relevant industry, health and safety standards, codes, policies and procedures in accordance with current legislation, regulations and organizational policy;
  • Analyze and troubleshoot instrumentation control systems, including electrical, electronic, electromechanical (pneumatic and hydraulic), analog, and digital systems;
  • Design, analyze and maintain (specific configuration and modification of) computer-based systems and hardware including electronic and computer-based controllers, to optimize the performance of process control systems;
  • Analyze and solve complex technical problems by applying principles of advanced mathematics and science;
  • Evaluate wireless and wired control systems applying mathematical, scientific, electrical, electronic and digital principles;
  • Demonstrate and apply the elements of leadership in a multidisciplinary engineering environment;
  • Appraise the installation and deployment of a control system as a supervisory member of a multidisciplinary team;
  • Assess the need for maintenance, reliability and life cycle management of equipment;
  • Apply the principles and practices of project management;
  • Research, analyze, prepare, author, and communicate in written, verbal, nonverbal, and presentation formats, technical documentation appropriate for a variety of audiences;
  • Identify, develop, and demonstrate strategies for maintaining continuing competency and practice standards associated with global industry trends and practices in instrumentation.

The program persistently challenges students to critically think through planning and troubleshooting situations, apply methodologies to solve problems, and to communicate effectively (both oral and written) to any audience.

Program Content

Year 1

  • IET 135 Technology Physics
  • IET 140 Electrical Circuits
  • IET 145 Instrumentation Shop and Safety
  • IET 150 Applied Electronics
  • GET 106 Engineering CAD
  • GET 129 Technology Mathematics I
  • GET 130 Technology Mathematics II
  • GET 206 Computer Programming
  • GET 116 Professional Communications
  • IET 115 Process Measurements I
  • IET 120 Process Control I
  • IET 130 Industrial Chemistry

Year 2

  • GET 204 Professional Practice
  • GET 208 Project Management
  • IET 205 Industrial Networking
  • IET 255 Programmable Logic Controllers
  • IET 260 Process Operations
  • IET 215 Process Measurements II
  • IET 216 Process Measurements III
  • IET 220 Process Control II
  • IET 265 SCADA, HMI and DCS
  • IET 250 Analyzers
  • IET 230 Instrumentation Design
  • IET 240 Capstone Project
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