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University Transfer: Bachelor of Science - Agricultural/Food Business Management

bachelor of science agriculture food business management
Bachelor's Degree

- 1 year at RDP
- 3 years at U of A

-Main Campus
The Program

The RDP program is a pre-professional year that prepares the student for admission to the degree program. Normally, three additional years of study are required.

Program Content

Visit RDP’s Course Catalogue/Timetable to read detailed course descriptions.

Transfer Features

The courses in this program can be transferred in full to BSc Agricultural/Food Business Management at University of Alberta. Refer to University of Alberta calendar for the complete listing of courses under the Faculty of Agricultural, Life, and Environmental Sciences.

University of Alberta

Suggested Pattern Year 1

Student schedules vary depending on what major they choose within this degree; for more information, please contact the artscienceinfo [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (Advisors in the School of Arts and Sciences).

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