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University Transfer: Bachelor of Science - Atmospheric Sciences

Bachelor's Degree

1 year at RDC - 3 years at U of A

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The Program

RDC offers the first year of university study toward BSc Atmospheric Sciences.

University Transfer Program

One-Year University Transfer Program:

Atmospheric Sciences is the study of the atmosphere, surface and interior of the earth.

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Transfer Features

The courses offered in this program are aligned with the University of Alberta.

University of Alberta

(Please note these credits are U of A credits.)

Atmospheric Sciences

  • MATH 202/203, MATH 204 & MATH 221 (9 credits)

  • PHYS 241 & PHYS 247 (6 credits)

  • ENGL 219 & ENGL 220 (6 credits)

  • STAT 251 (3 credits)

  • Arts Options (6 credits)

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