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University Transfer: Bachelor of Science - Physiology

This program pathway is still offered at Red Deer Polytechnic!

To enter this pathway, you can apply to either the University Sciences diploma or Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. Your program of application will not affect the transferability of your courses to another institution nor your ability to register in any of the courses you need for your preferred major

Learn more about all Science programs at pathways at RDP.

bachelor of science physiology
Bachelor's Degree

- 1 years at RDP
- 3 years at most universities

-Main Campus
The Program

RDP offers the first year of studies toward Honors BSc Physiology.

University Transfer Program

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides.

Transfer Features

The courses offered in this program can be transferred to most universities.

University of Alberta

(Please note these credits are U of A credits.)

Suggested Pattern Year 1

  • BIOL 217 (3 credits)
  • CHEM 211/CHEM 212 (6 credits)
  • STAT 251 (3 credits)
  • CHEM 351 (3 credits)
  • ENGL 219/ENGL 220 (6 credits)
  • 3 Arts or Science Options (9 credits)
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