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University Transfer: Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional - Veterinary Medicine

This program pathway is still offered at Red Deer Polytechnic!

To enter this pathway, you can apply to either the University Sciences diploma or Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. Your program of application will not affect the transferability of your courses to another institution nor your ability to register in any of the courses you need for your preferred major

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Bachelor's Degree

2 years at RDP - 2 years at U of C

-Main Campus
The Program

This program pathway is still offered at Red Deer Polytechnic through the new University Sciences diploma.

This pre-professional Doctor of Veterinary medicine program may fulfill credit towards a Bachelor of Science program or other degree program.

University Transfer Program

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides.

Program Admission Features

The University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) program requires successful completion of 48 credits of full time post secondary course work (4 full time post secondary terms) to be eligible for admission consideration. Applicants must complete 10 required courses (30 credits) plus another 18 credits of course work. UCVM will not normally consider applicants who present required courses taken more than 10 years prior to the application date. Admission is highly competitive, meeting admission criteria does not necessarily guarantee admission to UCVM and only residents of Alberta are eligible to apply. UCVM strongly encourages students to apply to the program as soon as they meet the minimum requirements. These requirements can be met after two years at RDP.

Prospective veterinary medicine students are advised to design their 2 year program to meet admission requirements at UCVM while pursuing an alternate degree suitable to their interests and possible future employment.

University of Calgary

(Please note these are U of C credits)

Suggested Pattern Year 1

  • BIOL 217/BIOL 218 (6 credits)
  • CHEM 211/CHEM 212 (6 credits)
  • STAT 251 (3 credits)
  • ENGL 219 (3 credits)
  • Four Arts or Science options (12 credits)

Suggested Pattern Year 2

Please see an Academic Advisor.

Visit RDP’s Course Catalogue/Timetable to read detailed course descriptions.

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