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Culinary Arts

RDP Student making cranberries

16 months (To be completed over 2 academic years)

-Main Campus
The Program

NOTE:  The Culinary Arts Diploma program will OPEN for applications on October 1, 2023 for FALL 2024.

The Culinary Arts Diploma is a full-time program completed over two academic years (16 months).  You will be introduced to the art and science of professional cooking, first learning the foundational techniques and practices utilized in North American commercial kitchens, then honing your advanced food-preparation skills preparing you for a career as a culinary expert.  Learning from experienced Chefs, you will bring the theory learned in classroom into an industry-equipped kitchen, learning how to prepare and customize culinary dishes as would be completed in restaurants or in a variety of other food service industry settings. 

Program Content

Required Courses:

  • CULI 1100 Kitchen Fundamentals and Safety
  • CULI 1101 Integrated Food Services
  • CULI 1102 Meat Production and Saucier 1
  • CULI 1103 Bakeshop Production 1
  • CULI 1104 Workplace Preparation
  • CULI 1105 Management Controls and Nutrition
  • CULI 1106 Integrated Lunch Service 
  • CULI 1107 Meat Preparation and Saucier 2
  • CULI 1108 Bakeshop Production 2
  • CULI 2100 Industry Work Placement
  • CULI 2101 Advanced Management Skills
  • CULI 2102 Integrated Dinner Service  
  • CULI 2103 Meat Preparation and Saucier 3
  • CULI 2104 Bakeshop Production 3
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