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Community Programs

Red Deer Polytechnic provides fitness services, programs, activities and information designed to encourage and support healthy lifestyles.

Our vision is to ensure knowledge, confidence, motivation and provide skills to engage in physical activity for life. Our mission is to work collectively to inspire, educate and support  our community to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles.

Our dedicated staff at the Red Deer Polytechnic will work with you to find a program that fits your needs and resources, whether at your school, place of business or right here on-campus. We offer a variety of continually evolving programs, services, hosted events and presentations throughout the year to promote physical literacy and healthy living.

Our Programs

Physical Ability Readiness Evaluation (PARE)

Red Deer Polytechnic hosts the Physical Ability Readiness Evaluation (PARE) testing throughout the year. This test is for individuals who are applying to the RCMP or other police forces, or who are already members. Pre-registration is required. Spaces are available for each date on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about the PARE and preparing for the PARE contact our Strength and Conditioning Coach at 403.356.5100.

Register for an upcoming Test

Doctors do not provide medical clearance forms. These are always supplied by the employer and PARE is no exception. You can also obtain your PARE Medical Clearance Form from the RCMP website.

The PARE medical form MUST be signed because it describes the test and informs the doctor of the kind of physical activity you will be subjected to. Medical forms must be dated, signed by the physician and have the clinic stamp (as they are only valid for six months).

Athletic Community Programs

Elite Basketball 3x3 Series

  • High School boys and girls is designed to enhance the technique and tactics of basketball players in grade 9-12 that plan on competing on their High School teams for the upcoming season.  The Series includes eight 2.5-hour sessions of basketball; each session integrates 1.5-hour of individual and team training.
  • Middle School boys and girls is designed to enhance the technique and tactics of basketball players in grade 6-9 that plan on competing on their Middle School teams for the upcoming season.  The Series includes six 2.5-hour sessions of basketball; each session integrates 1.5-hour of individual and team training. 

This program will enhance individual performance AND current team tactics that will prepare athletes for their next level of School competition.  In addition to training, each session will include 3 games of FIBA 3X3 Basketball. Coached by Kings Basketball Head Coach Darren Graham, Queens Basketball Coach Avery Harrison, and supported by current RDP Men's and Women's Student-Athletes.

Athletes can register as individuals or coaches can inquire on full team registration; for more information about team registration or the 3x3 Series contact Darren Graham.

Community & School Programs

We offer creative programs that incorporate physical activity into the classroom and community. We specialize in Physical Literacy programs for all ages and abilities, which allows us to provide a unique and exciting experience for schools and community programs. Students will have the opportunity to get active through movement and skill-related cooperative games and fun fitness sessions using a variety of equipment.

The goal of the Physical Literacy programs is to develop and enhance the fundamental movement skills for children (hopping, jumping leaping, galloping, running, throwing, kicking, striking, stability/balance, etc.), while inspiring teamwork, fair play and self-confidence. This experience will motivate and empower children to remain active for life!

Move & Play Through Physical Literacy (Ages 3 – 12)

The Move & Play Through Physical Literacy cards assist activity leaders in integrating physical literacy into a variety of programs, activities and environments. These cards are designed to be used in a variety of applications including the home, school or community settings. Over 75 cards are included in this set, focusing on Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learn to Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model.

Move & Play Through Traditional Games Workshops

The Indigenous Services at Red Deer Polytechnic and our Fitness, Sport and Wellness team have collaborated over the years to be able to offer all the fun of our regular Move & Play program. The Traditional Games workshop focuses on linking traditional culture and values to physical literacy and fundamental movement skills; the Move & Play Through Traditional Games cards communicate the history and culture of traditional games and note how the skills and values are still relevant today.

In a Traditional Games Workshop, participants will:

  • Receive protocol teachings around Traditional Games
  • Receive instruction on how to use the Move and Play Through Traditional Games activity cards
  • Learn to identify the materials and tools needed to make games
  • Learn how to properly make your own games and equipment for proper sizing and safety
  • Receive in-depth teachings and understanding of the games and protocols

Learn more about the International Traditional Games Society.

Yoga Techniques for the Classroom (Grades 1 – 6)

The Yoga Techniques for the Classroom program includes yoga cards to help bring energy, balance, calm and relaxation to staff and students. These resources includes yoga techniques, games, discussion and brainstorming.

Custom Wellness Opportunities

RDP can create a customized program built specifically to fit the needs of your school or community.

Topics include:

  • Health and wellness
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition
  • Active living

Gift of Play Stencil

This is a community resource that can be used to supplement activities in the classroom, quality physical education, and in conjunction with games enjoyed during free play. These playground stencils can be replicated with sidewalk chalk or tape.

Check website for current list of days and times. To enhance physical literacy on the sidewalks and in our community, these gift-of-play stencils will be your next step to having fun outside as we add more of these to Red Deer and region.

Orange Marks the Spot

Orange Marks the Spot is a fun way to introduce outdoor adventure skills to youth 5-12. These lesson plans are designed for use in a variety of settings including schools, recreation, sport and community programs and parks. Orange marks the spot can be used for all ages and is also great for team building! Register online today.

This is a fun orienteering program for all ages. Get ready to learn mapping skills, the fundamentals of directions and enhancing your physical literacy outdoors.

Connect with us today to learn more about our programs.


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