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Feather Template

A feather template can be used for your contribution to the Feather and Timeline Display during Truth and Reconciliation Week. Feathers should be submitted by Sunday, September 25, 2022. Feathers will be displayed through the week September 26 to 29, 2022. 

In creating a feather, we ask that it is done in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation and with a positive intention towards a transformative and meaningful relationship with Indigenous peoples’, but also in honour and memory for the Indigenous children who did not survive their residential school experience.                

Please create in a way that speaks to yourself and your intention, some ideas include:

Use the feather template to draw, colour, leave a message, create a collage, paint and so forth. Feel free to use all the space that is available on the page. Please put your first name or initials and program/organization/school/grade in one of the corners, this will assist in any feathers that are being returned and will also show the diversity in community members that are participating in the display!

Consider the following when creating your feather:

  • What is your message to the children whose lives were lost? Their families and communities? How might you portray this in words or art.
  • What needs to be done on the path to Truth and Reconciliation?
  • What does reconciliation mean to you?

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