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End of Lease

You will receive a move-out package when you provide your notice to vacate or at the end of the Rental Agreement. This usually occurs in the month of April. This move out package will include a cleaning responsibilities sheet, quick tips for cleaning, and a permanent address and reference form.

You are not required to give notice if you move out at any point in the month of April. Rent will not be prorated or refunded for early move-outs.

All tenants are expected to clean an equal share of the unit upon move-out even if there are tenants still in the unit. If a tenant does not sign up for an equal share of the unit they will be assigned to a share of the unit by Residence Staff. 

Notice to Vacate

As per the Rental Agreement a Notice to Vacate must be completed if you wish to terminate your Rental Agreement before the agreed upon end date.

Notice to Vacate forms must be completed in the Residence Administration building with a Residence Staff member.

There will be a $150 early termination penalty applied to your student account as per the Rental Agreement in addition to any other applicable terms and conditions of your agreement.

Notice must be received (1) calendar month prior to termination. This is on or before noon on the first of the month prior.