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College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) Testing

Testing Remotely

College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) Testing is available via online, remote delivery for applicants who need to complete Entrance for admission into specific programs and courses at Red Deer Polytechnic. Through the use of Examity, a secure online proctoring service, applicants are able to complete this testing at a time that is most convenient for them (24/7/365).



STEP 1: Apply to specific Credit Programs at RDP  (NOT Academic Upgrading)

You must submit an application to the Office of the Registrar to determine the most relevant College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) Test. Once you have applied to a program, you can check your loop account advising what College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) tests are required. 

NOTE: If you are looking to enroll in at least one Academic Upgrading course at Red Deer Polytechnic, Please connect with an Academic Advisor.  You may not be required to take an Accuplacer Test.


STEP 2: Submit an ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Voucher Request.

Please submit an ACCUPLACER Voucher Request Form

Note: Please do not submit this form until you have been notified through your loop account that College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) testing is required.

Once this information has been received, Testing Services will generate an ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Voucher. This voucher will be sent to you via email from ACCUPLACER. Please allow up to 7 days for the voucher to be created.


STEP 3: Register the Examity Account

Click the Examity link in the email from ACCUPLACER. This will bring you to the Examity registration page where you will enter the required information to create an Examity account. You must register using the same information provided for your ACCUPLACER request.

Once you have registered with Examity and created an account, you will receive a confirmation email with login credentials from Examity.


STEP 4: Login to the Examity Dashboard 

You will login to the Examity Dashboard to set up a profile and schedule a proctoring session to complete your test. Please use the voucher code provided in the email from ACCUPLACER to schedule your test.

IMPORTANT: When setting up your Examity profile, you must upload current and valid photo ID (you will show this same piece of photo ID again once you are ready to begin the test). You will also be required to pay a proctoring fee (one fee per attempt) when you schedule your test.


STEP 5: Take the Test

To complete your test, simply login to the Examity Dashboard at your scheduled writing date/time and follow the instructions provided by the Examity proctor.

For more information on Examity, testing guidelines, and technical requirements, please visit Examity's website.


STEP 6: Test Results

Once completed, your testing results will be provided to the Red Deer Polytechnic Admissions Department for use in admission decisions. Please allow up to 2 weeks for results to be submitted and processed. 


Before registering for the College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) Test, please read the following guidelines closely.

While taking the College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) Test:

  • You will be required to have a clean desk or table surface without items on it.
  • You must use a computer that has a webcam and microphone. 
  • You must have a reliable internet connection.
  • You must take the test alone, in a quiet and private space, where you will not be interrupted.
  • You will be monitored by video and a lockdown browser for the duration of the test.
  • Scratch paper and a standard pen/pencil are allowed.
  • You may be asked to install/download a screen-sharing software applet or extension (such as Zoom) so you can interact with the proctor (if not already installed/downloaded on the computer used for testing).
  • The following are not allowed during testing: Food, drink, calculators, cellphones, any other electronic devices, and breaks (unless required for medical purposes). 
  • You are not permitted to access or use any unauthorized resources on the web or in your testing environment while completing the test.

IMPORTANT: If you are registered with Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Resources) at Red Deer Polytechnic and would like to inquire about the possibility of accessing your approved exam accommodations for this test, please contact Testing Services via email prior to paying the proctoring fee and scheduling your test.

Practice Resources

For access to practice resources that you can use to prepare for your test, please visit ACCUPLACER's website and select from the following resources*.

  • English Testing:
    • Reading Sample Questions
    • Writing Sample Questions
    • WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays
  • Math Testing:
    • Arithmetic Sample Questions


Contact Testing Services:

403.342.3292 | test [dot] centre [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca


8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Monday - Friday 
Closed | Saturday, Sunday, and holidays (as per Red Deer Polytechnic's Academic Schedule)

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