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Test Day Information

Arriving For Your Test

  • Arrive Early

 Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your test is scheduled to start to allow time for check-in and instructions.

  • Photo ID (Piece of valid, Government issued Photo ID required) 

Please bring a photo ID with you when you come to write your test. You will need to present this for entry to Testing Services.



Check in at the Testing Services desk in Red Deer Polytechnic’s Main Campus, located in the NOVA Chemicals Learning Common (NCLC, Room 940).

Parking can be paid for at the pay stations located just inside the campus entrances.


Permitted / Restricted Items

Please be aware that you may not be allowed to bring in any personal belongings not required for your test. Lockers are provided at the test centre for secure storage.

Permitted Items

In general, we allow test-takers to bring in a clear water bottle in addition to any materials specifically permitted or required for their test. 

Restricted Items

Items that are generally not allowed include cell phones, watches, paper that is not approved for your test, and any non-approved electronic devices. Scrap paper, if allowed for your test, will be provided by Testing Services.


If a calculator is allowed for your test, we will confirm if the type/model is acceptable according to your test instructions. If it is not, we may be able to lend you an appropriate calculator. If you bring a programmable calculator, you may be asked to clear the memory on your device.


If you require the use of headphones for your test (or for your approved accommodations), you may bring your own so long as it is a wired device. Wireless headphones are not permitted. If you require headphones, earbuds, or earplugs, but don’t have your own, we can provide some for you.

Health / Medical Needs

If you require access to food, medication, or any items for health or accessibility reasons, we ask that you contact your test provider to request accommodations. If this is an RDP test, you will need to connect with Accessibility Services.


Test Centre Rules

No Speaking

Please do not speak while inside the testing area. If you have a question or an issue with your test, please raise your hand or enter the invigilator’s office to speak with test centre staff. Do not ask other test-takers for help with technical issues.

Taking Breaks

If you need to take a break, you may do so if your test’s rules permit it, but it must be within view of test centre staff and you may not access your personal belongings unless you have a specific arrangement or accommodation that permits you to do so. If you need to use the washroom, there is one inside the testing area that you may use.

You may not leave the testing area until your test is complete, unless there is an emergency. If you must evacuate the building for an emergency, leave all testing materials in the testing room and proceed to the nearest exit.

Food and Drinks

Food is not allowed inside the testing area, unless approved as an accommodation. Drinks are allowed if they are inside a clear, noise-conscious container.

Scented Products

The Testing Services upholds a Scent-Free environment. Please be aware that you may be denied entry into the Testing Services if your scent interferes with other test takers during the examination.

Personal Belongings

The complimentary lockers have been offered for the storage of your personal belongings. Please store all non-permitted items in a locker before entering. In the event that lockers are unavailable due to operational reasons, kindly adhere to the guidance provided by the Testing Services staff for the safekeeping of your personal items. If you are found with non-permitted items while writing your test, it will be reported to the instructor or test provider. 


Contact Us

For any questions, contact us by e-mail at test [dot] centre [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (test[dot]centre[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca) or phone at 403.342.3292.

Office Hours:  

Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Testing Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Closed on weekends and statutory holidays.


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