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Machine Learning Analyst Diploma

Machine Learning

2 years

-Main Campus
The Program

The Machine Learning Analyst Diploma program provides a flexible, industry-aligned education to help you enter the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workforce. This program will prepare you for entry-level jobs creating business solutions for companies of all sizes. The program focuses on developing fundamental skills in AI and ML, such as data analytics and computer programming, and will help provide you with fundamental business acumen so you can work in multi-disciplinary teams to develop competitive business solutions that are based on modern strategies.

Program Outcomes:

1. Identify which AI or machine learning technology to use to solve your organization’s business problem.

2. Implement the appropriate machine learning algorithm for a given business scenario.

3. Evaluate an AI product development plan.

4. Use the AI design process model to scope and evaluate an AI product.

5. Transfer the mathematical concepts necessary to create models and solutions that apply to the IT field.

6. Prepare and explore data, define the problem, and choose the appropriate algorithm.

7. Integrate different interdisciplinary elements to generate results supporting decisions that deliver value to the business.

8. Use various tools to build data visualizations.

9. Use statistical knowledge to test the accuracy of data models.

Program Content

Semester 1    

MACH 1191     Statistics I

MACH 1192     Scientific and Technical Writing

MACH 1193     Introduction to Computing

MACH 1194     Macroeconomics

MACH 1195     Business Math

Semester 2    

MACH 1291     Linear Algebra I

MACH 1292     Calculus I

MACH 1293     Algorithms

MACH 1294     Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

MACH 1295     Canadian Business Fundamentals

Semester 3    

MACH 2191     Machine Learning Work Integrated Project I

MACH 2192     Machine Learning I

MACH 2193     Exploratory Data Analytics

MACH 2194     Technology Ethics and Society

MACH 2195     Database Systems

Semester 4    

MACH 1291     Machine Learning Work Integrated Project II

MACH 1292     Machine Learning II

MACH 1293     Technology Business Strategy and Execution

MACH 1294     Public Speaking for Business

MACH 1295     Business Values and Ethics

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