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Our Services and Departments (A to Z Listing)


Accessibility Services

Service Location: Room 1006 (in the Library)
Intake Location:  Room 1402
Main Number: 403.357.3629
Email: accessibility@rdpolytech.ca


See Office of the Registrar, below

Apprenticeship Registration

Main Number: 403.342.3100
Toll-free Number: 1.888.475.1101
Register online through your MyTradesecrets account

Arts Centre

Main Number: 403.342.3518   


Main Number: 403.357.3669
Fax: 403.343.8840


BEST Service Pros (Janitorial Services)

Main Number: 403.342.3588



Main Number: 403.356.4891

Campus Health & Wellbeing Services

Location: Room 901
Main Number: 403.342.3427
Email: campushealth@rdpolytech.ca

Campus Management

Main Number: 403.343.4077

Campus Security 

See Security Services, below

Campus Store

Main Number: 403.342.3245

Career Services

Main Number: 403.342.3401
Email: EmploymentServices@rdpolytech.ca

Cashier's Office 

See Fees Office, below

CEED Centre (Career Education and Experience Development Centre)

Location: Room 1402
Main Number: 403.356.4891
Email: ceed@rdpolytech.ca

Centre for Flexible Learning

Location: Room 913C
Main Number: 403.357.3664
Email: flexible.learning@rdpolytech.ca

Centre of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship (CTLS)

Location: Room 913C
Main Number: 403.356.4989
Email: ctl@rdpolytech.ca

Child Care Centre and Kindergarten    

Main Number: 403.357.3600      

Continuing Education and Corporate Training (formerly Extended Education)

Main Number: 403.356.4900
Email: continuing.education@rdpolytech.ca
Email: corporate.training@rdpolytech.ca 

Counselling Services

Location: Room 1402
Main Number: 403.343.4064
Email: counselling@rdpolytech.ca

Courier Deliveries 

Location: Shipping & Receiving, Room 812
Main Number: 403.342.3470


Donald School of Business, Science and Computing

Main Numbers:

  • Business programs, Legal Assistant and Administrative Professional program: 403.342.3555
  • Science, Engineering and Computing programs: 403.356.4850 

Email: dsbsc@rdpolytech.ca

Downtown Campus

Main Number: 403.356.4900
View location


Employment Opportunities

View Employment Opportunities webpage

English as a Second Language

Main Number: 403.356.4900    

Extended Education

See Continuing Education and Professional Development, above



Facilities Services

Room Bookings Main Number: 403.342.3405

Faculty Members

Contact information can be viewed in each of our instructor's biographies.

Fees (Cashier's) Office 

Main Number: 403.342.3132
Email: cashier@rdpolytech.ca


Fax: 403.343.4063

Fitness & Wellness Services

Main Number: 403.342.3371       
Email: fitness@rdpolytech.ca

Food Services

Visit Food Services webpage


Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre

Main Number: 403.356.5100
Email: guestservices@rdpolytech.ca 


Health & Wellbeing Services

See Campus Health & Wellbeing Services, above

Human Resources

See People & Culture, below


Indigenous Student Services

Main Number: 403.357.3672
Email: indigenous.services@rdpolytech.ca

Information Technology (IT) Services

Email: servicedesk@rdpolytech.ca    

International Division

General Inquiries: international@rdpolytech.ca
Agent Inquiries: agents@rdpolytech.ca


Keys & Lock Control

Location: Shipping & Receiving, Room 812
Main Number: 403.357.3644



Main Number: 403.342.3344
View Library webpage


Marketing & Communications

Media Relations Main Number: 403.342.3389
Media Relations Email: media@rdpolytech.ca

Marketing Main Number: 403.342.3556
Marketing Email: marketing@rdpolytech.ca (for inquiries regarding RDP brand and logo usage)


Office of the Registrar

Main Number: 403.342.3400    
Toll-free Number: 1.888.732.4630 (in Canada only)
Fax: 403.357.3660
Email: inquire@rdpolytech.ca



Main Number: 403.342.3132
Email: rdp@preciseparklink.ca

People & Culture (Human Resources and Payroll)

Main Number: 403.356.4912
Fax: 403.342.3161

Philanthropy & Alumni Relations

Main Number: 403.342.3175

Alumni Number: 403.342.3140
Email: alumni@rdpolytech.ca

Foundation Number: 403.342.3175
Email: giving@rdpolytech.ca

President's Office

Main Number: 403.342.3233  
Email: presidentsoffice@rdpolytech.ca  

Print Centre

Main Number: 403.342.3302
Email: printcentre@rdpolytech.ca
View Print Centre webpage



See Office of the Registrar, above

Research Common

Service Location for Walk-in and Appointments: Library, Main Floor (by the staircase)
Administrative Offices: Room 907A
Email: researchcommon@rdpolytech.ca


Main Number: 403.342.3257
Email: residence@rdpolytech.ca
View Residence webpage

Royal Bank of Canada On Main Campus

Main Number: 403.857.8014


School of Arts and Education

Main Number: 403.342.3301
Email: sae@rdpolytech.ca 

School of Health and Wellness

Main Number: 403.342.3464
Email: schw@rdpolytech.ca

School of Trades and Technology

Main Number: 403.342.3100 ext. 1
Email: stt@rdpolytech.ca

Security Services

Main Number: 403.342.3445
24 Hour Emergency (Internal): 4000
Safewalk: 403.342.3445
Email: securitycentre@rdpolytech.ca

Student Connect Centre (Academic Advising, Recruiting, Funding and Awards)

Location: Room 1102
Main Number: 403.342.3254
Email: studentconnect@rdpolytech.ca
View Student Connect Centre webpage

Shipping & Receiving

Location: Room 812
Main Number: 403.342.3470
Email: shippingandreceiving@rdpolytech.ca

Students' Association (SA) of Red Deer Polytechnic

Main Number: 403.342.3200    
Email: sageneral@rdpolytech.ca
View Students' Association webpage


Testing Services

Main Number: 403.342.3292
Email: test.centre@rdpolytech.ca     
View Testing Services webpage

Tuition & Fee Payments

See Fee's Office, above

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