Environment & Ecology

Environment & Ecology Applied Research

With a growing emphasis on the area of Environment and Ecology, Red Deer Polytechnic faculty and students actively engage in multifaceted projects that span various aspects of applied research in this sector.

At RDP, collaboration is key. We partner with entities such as governments and community organizations to develop innovative solutions. One example of this is our collaboration with Alberta Transportation which led to the creation of a smartphone application dedicated to monitoring animal-vehicle collision locations, significantly enhancing highway safety measures.

Our Commitment to Applied Research

At Red Deer Polytechnic, we are committed to pushing boundaries, fostering partnerships, and driving real change in the area of Environment and Ecology. Through the efforts of our faculty and students, we continue to forge new frontiers in applied research. Join us in our quest to cultivate a more resilient and sustainable future, where innovation and knowledge converge to protect our environment and its inhabitants.