The safety and security of every student, employee and visitor who comes to Red Deer Polytechnic is a top priority for us.

Campus Security personnel are trained in emergency response, first aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use and are recognized as first responders for minor medical aid. 

Campus Security is on-duty 24 hours per day at the main entrance of Red Deer Polytechnic’s main campus. Security is available to support students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

Contact us in person, by phone or through the SAFE RDP app.

Emergency Preparedness

Evacuating Main Campus

In the unusual event of an emergency on main campus, RDP alerts people in a variety of ways to help keep everyone as safe as possible. 

RDP will alert students, faculty, staff and visitors to the situation by relaying messages:

  • through overhead speakers in common areas, including hallways
  • on phones in offices or classrooms.

In all emergency situations, please follow the instructions that are provided.

In the event that a situation requires people to evacuate, please do so safely, by proceeding to the nearest exit and then walking to the nearest muster point outside, well away from our facilities. 


When fire bells are activated, the following procedure should be followed:

  • People in the area(s) where alarm bells are ringing should immediately evacuate through the nearest safe exit to a designated safe area outside and await further direction from the RDP Emergency Response Team.
  • Once danger has passed or if no danger exists (false alarm), individuals will be notified by the alarm bells stopping, messaging on overhead speakers or phones and/or the Emergency Response Team.
Medical Emergency

In the event of an emergency where immediate medical aid is required:

  • Call RDP's Emergency phone number at 403.343.4000 (or dial 4000 from an on-campus phone). Security Services will call 911 and assist emergency services in attending the scene. Individuals may also call 911 (using a personal phone) or 9.911 (using an RDP phone) directly.
    • If you contact 911 directly, please also call 4000 so that Security Services can attend the scene and help to direct Emergency Services to the proper location.
  • Identify yourself and give exact details on your location and medical emergency.
  • Victims should not be moved by untrained personnel except in life threatening situations.

In the event that Red Deer Polytechnic is determined to be in the affected area of a tornado warning:

  • Messages will be shared through the speakers in common areas and on-campus phones, advising of the warning and directing people to areas of safety, as indicated on posted emergency procedures. City Emergency Services will be advised by Security Services.
  • Once danger has passed, communication will be relayed through speakers and phones on campus. 
  • The Emergency Response Team will assist in returning individuals to their work areas, when it's safe to do so.
Armed Intruder/Dangerous Person

In the event that information is known about an armed intruder or a potentially violent situation on campus:

  • Information is relayed to Security Security, Red Deer Polytechnic's Emergency Response Team and 911.
  • Instructions will be shared through speakers and phones on campus, requesting individuals to shelter-in-place.
    • Directions to follow during lockdowns are posted in all classrooms, office clusters, meeting rooms, labs and shops. This process includes locking doors, turning off lights, drawing blinds, moving to where occupants are not visible from the hallway and awaiting further communication from the Emergency Response Team.
  • Information will be shared through speakers and on-campus phones as frequently as possible to keep everyone informed, as directed by police.
Bomb Threat

Upon receipt of a bomb threat at Red Deer Polytechnic:

  • Information will be gathered and documented as per policy and relayed to RDP's Emergency Response Team and Red Deer Emergency Services.
  • RDP's Emergency Response Team and Emergency Services will respond to the emergency situation. 
  • The Polytechnic community will be informed through speakers and on-campus phones, with timely and relevant information to help keep everyone as safe as possible. 
Hazardous Material Spill Response Plan

In the event of a hazardous material spill or release at Red Deer Polytechnic:

  • If required, containment and evacuation of the affected area(s) will be initiated.
  • Once danger has passed, information will be shared with the Polytechnic community and assistance will be provided by Security Services to return occupants to the affected areas, when safe to do so.
Natural Gas Leak

Upon report of a suspected natural gas leak on campus:

  • Immediately evacuate the area, leaving everything as it is.
  • Do not operate switches or equipment (telephone, cell phone, radio or other power source).
  • Call 4000 (from an internal phone), 403.343.4000 (from a personal phone), or submit information ASAP through the SAFE RDP App.
  • Call ATCO Gas at 1.800.511.3447 (or Security Services will do so).
  • Please do not smoke. Evacuate the area immediately. 

Residence Emergency Response Procedures

  • Alarm is activated for the Residences.
  • Procedure is identical to other spaces on main campus
    • Residents and guests should immediately evacuate and call 911 (or Security Services will).
  • Follow instructions provided by Security Services and Residence team members.
  • Information received of a tornado warning.
  • Text messages are sent, directing residents to evacuate to a safer area as indicated on emergency procedure signage.
  • Residence Assistants will initiate a Residence fan-out system and assist the Emergency Response Team with relocating occupants to safe areas.
  • Residents should remain in safe areas until notified by the Emergency Response Team that the danger has passed.
Fire Alarm System
  • Rowhouses and Townhouses have combination smoke alarms and heat detectors. The smoke alarms sound locally in the rooms and are not tied into the central monitor system at the Security Centre. The heat portion of the detector, if activated, will sound at the Security Centre.
  • All Tower Residences and Residence Blocks 100 – 500 have fire alarm devices that are addressable (will sound each separate alarm device location and building suite at the Security Centre).
  • Accessible Residences have smoke alarms. These alarms are monitored at the Security Centre, but smoke alarms within suites do not activate the fire bell. Smoke alarms and pull stations in the corridor will activate the fire bell and are monitored at the Security Centre.
  • The Connector Hallway for the Towers is tied into the main building fire alarm. Fire alarm bells sounding in this corridor indicate a fire alarm in the main building.
  • Alarms are also situated in RDP's Studio Residence.
Evacuation Procedures for Persons With Disabilities
  • If a person is unable to evacuate RDP for any reason, call Campus Security at 403.343.4000 (personal phone) or call 4000 (from an on-campus phone) to share your exact location. You can also notify Security Services of your location by using the SAFE RDP App.
  • Proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait on the landing. Ask someone to stay with you. If you're unable to contact Campus Security, request someone who is evacuating to inform them of your exact location.
  • Fire-rated stairwells are rated for two hours. People waiting in the stairwell are relatively safe until help arrives. Unless there is a life-threatening situation, do not allow yourself to be carried down the stairs by anyone other than qualified personnel.
  • As power sources may be subject to failure, elevators should not be used in emergency situations.


Contact Security Services

  • Phone: 403.343.4000 (Emergency)
  • 403.342.3445 (Non-Emergency)
  • Through the SAFE RDP App
  • In person at the main entrance of Red Deer Polytechnic’s main campus
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