Employee Recognition

RDP values the efforts and contributions of our staff and faculty.

To recognize the individual efforts that contribute to the success of Red Deer Polytechnic’s programs and services that support our learners, Red Deer Polytechnic has an Employee Recognition Program which consists of multiple parts, including: 

Service Milestone Awards

Red Deer Polytechnic celebrates Service Milestone Awards, where we recognize employees who have achieved milestones in length of service at RDP. These achievements are awarded to employees when they reach five-year service milestones.

Awards of Excellence 

The Awards of Excellence are given once per year as formal recognition for extraordinary contribution to the success of Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) in four categories: 

  • Excellence in Leadership 
  • Excellence in Teaching 
  • Excellence in Service 
  • Excellence in Innovation 

All Awards of Excellence are in support of extraordinary contributions from Faculty and Staff who exemplify Institutional values, contribute to student success and leave a lasting legacy at Red Deer Polytechnic.  

Download a Nomination Form

Create a Ripple 

At RDP, we enjoy recognizing our colleagues, and People & Culture has a few easy ways to do this. 

First, we have a webform that can be used to tell us about something a colleague did. After the form has been completed, an email is sent to that person, their supervisor and People & Culture. Throughout the year, we have draws for people who are not only being recognized, but also for those doing the recognizing. 

Second, People & Culture has unique RDP recognition cards that reflect our values, express gratitude, and include messages of thanks. 

Finally, you can choose how to recognize your colleague in various ways.  You could use a feature available in Office 365 (praise feature), you could nominate a colleague for an Award of Excellence, or you could recognize them in any way that you want (in-person, send an email, etc). We want to continue to spread some good gossip!