Research Events

Upcoming Research Events

Red Deer Polytechnic hosts a number of events throughout the year celebrating the research, scholarly activity, and scholarship that takes place on our campus. 

Recognition of Scholarly Activity (RoSA) Awards

Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to life-long learning and to advancing research and scholarly activity in our province. 


In 2006, Red Deer Polytechnic and the Faculty Association created an annual fund of $10,000 to recognize significant scholarly undertakings by faculty members. Each year, a jury comprised of members from the Recognition of Scholarly Activity committee selects applications submitted by faculty members with a broad appreciation of scholarship. Since 2011, we have organized a public event to recognize the significant contributions of our faculty. Faculty are recognized for scholarly activity in four categories: 

  • Scholarship of Discovery
  • Scholarship of Integration
  • Scholarship of Application 
  • Scholarship of Teaching


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