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Your international experience starts here, let us help you get there! 

We offer students the opportunity to engage in intercultural and international experience through global learning activities 

There are many reasons to why you should consider participating in a global experience:  

  • Develop intercultural competencies 

  • Expand your global connections 

  • Gain academic recognition for your participation in Abroad experiences 

  • Get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a new culture 

  • Learn new language and culture 

  • Stand out to employers 

  • Travel and have fun 

Current Experiences

Canada - Germany Exchange (EUF + RDP)

Europa-Universitat Flensburg (EUF) (Flensburg, Germany) and Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) have established a mutually beneficial student exchange agreement which supports one or two students each year to study at the other higher education institution. One student may study for one year, or two students may each study for one semester, annually from each institution. Both institutions are committed to a collaborative partnership which supports student success. 

For RDP Students

This unique exchange opportunity is currently offered to student in programs such as Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It is a self-led exchange. Students are recommended to plan their study at EUF between March – July for a full semester. If you are interested in participating in the exchange experience, discover and learn more about EUF through their website.  

Bachelor of Education students are recommended to participate in this exchange during their third year of the program. For more information, Bachelor of Education students can contact the Julia Rheaume, Program Chair. 


  • Student in the Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program 

  • 18 years old + 

  • In good academic standing and must maintain it during the exchange 

Academic Semester at EUF 

  • Fall Term: September - February 

  • Spring Term: March – August 

  • Mandatory orientation week at the beginning of semester 

  • Lecture period: Mid-March – Beginning of July 

  • Exam Period: End of June – Mid-July 

  • After exam: research period/semester break – no lecture 

RDP students will be participating in the exchange with EUF during their spring term between March to August. Students can return as soon as all exams are completed. Click HERE to explore course offerings for exchange students at EUF. 

Students should meet with the Student Connect Centre to ensure they have room for open electives in their program. Students may also connect with the Program Chair or Associate Dean to discuss EUF course selection. 

Cost to Participate 

The overall 5-month exchange cost is estimated at CAD $9,000, which includes:  

  • Airfare 

  • Ground Transportation 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Accommodations 

  • Meals 

  • EUF Application Fee 

  • Tuition Costs  

  • Study Visa 

Since this is a self-directed endeavor, students will be accountable for organizing and covering the expenses required for their participation. However, the RDP Abroad Office and the Incoming Exchange Students team at EUF will be available to offer assistance and guidance throughout the process.  

Timeline and Process 

Application Open: April 25, 2024

Application Closes: June 7, 2024

Shortlisting and Interviews: June 10 - 25, 2024

Notification of Result: June 28, 2024

RDP Nomination to EUF: September to October 

Student Notified by EUF to submit Application: By November 1 

Prep Work by Student: November – February 

Arrive at EUF: By March 1 

For EUF Students

About Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) 

Discover RDP through our website and explore our virtual tours to experience our campuses, Residence, facilities and learn about all we have to offer.  

Academic Program Information - Semester Dates 

  • Fall Term: September to December 

  • Reading Week - 2nd week in October (no classes) 

  • Winter Term: January to April 

  • Reading Week - 3rd week in February (no classes) 

  • Spring Term: May to June 

  • Summer Term: July to August 

Learning Experience 

Students can expect to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences at RDP, including lecture, interactive discussion, individual and group projects, student-led presentations, experiential activities, labs, and many others, depending on the courses selected. Connect with our Academic Advisors from Student Connect Centre and they will assist students with their course selection virtually or in person. 

Bachelor of Education Program Information 

The Bachelor of Education degree program at RDP is a four-year program that prepares future teachers to design high quality, socially responsible and authentic learning opportunities that meet learner needs.  

The Academic Planning Guides provide an overview of the Bachelor of Education Degree program at RDP. We offer specializations in Early Years (Grades Kindergarten to 4), Middle Years (grades 5 to 9) and Secondary (grades 10 to 12). 

Education Courses 

Students from EUF are welcome to join any of the following EDUC courses 

  • EDUC 1301 - Interpersonal Relationships 

  • EDUC 1302 - Educational Technology 

  • EDUC 1304 - Inclusive Learning Environments 

  • EDUC 1305 - Child Development 

  • EDUC 1500 - The Teaching Profession (includes field experience) 

  • EDUC 2500 - Social Equity & Inclusion 

  • EDUC 2803 - Language Learning and Literacy 

  • EDUC 2804 – Numeracy 

  • EDUC 2805 - Foundational Knowledge 

  • EDUC 2312 - Designing Learning 

  • EDUC 4311 - Indigenous Ways 

  • EDUC 4342 - Designing Integrated Learning 

Courses in Other Disciplines 
There are also a wide variety of courses offered at RDP you can choose from. The following table provides an overview of the different disciplines and can guide specific course selection. 

Accounting ACCT Film FILM 
Antrhopology ANTHFrench FREN
Art ARTGenetics GENE
Astronomy ASTRHistory HIST
Biology BIOLInterdisciplinary Studies INTD
Business BUSKinesiology KNSS or Kinesiology Physical Education KPED
Business Administration BADMMath MATH
Chemistry CHEMMicrobiology MICR
Classics CLASMusic MUSE, MUSI
Communications COMM (excluding COMM 250)Philosophy PHIL
Computing Scicne CMPTPhysical Activities KPAC
Dance KDNCPhysics PHYS
Drama DRAMPolitical Science POLI
Economics ECONPsychology PSYC
English ENGLSociology SOCI
Family Studies FAMZoology ZOOL

Students can search the timetable for specific courses within each of the above areas here

You can also access the full list of courses available at RDP in our academic calendar here

You will work with the Julia Rheaume, Program Chair for the Bachelor of Education program, to select courses that are of interest to you and are available during your semester of study at RDP. 

Before taking any courses, it is important to consult with your home institution to ensure courses taken at RDP are transferable to EUF. 

Living and Learning in Red Deer 

View the information below to learn more about Red Deer Polytechnic and the central Alberta region.  

Estimated Cost: 

 Cost EstimateSourceNotes
Accommodation on Campus$820RDP Housing - Studio SuiteSingle occupancy: Shared occupancy is lower cost
Groceries$500.00 StatsCanada 
Bus Pass$62.00City of Red Deer Student discount available through RDP Students’ Association 
Entertainment $100.00 e.g. going to a movie once a week 
Miscellaneous $150.00  Clothes, Personal Items, etc. 
Monthly Total $1632.00   
Other Fees$1180.00 

Student Association, Insurance, FST. Includes International Health Insurance 

Total Per Term (4 Months)$8,508.00  

Entrance into Canada for Academic Studies 

Government of Canada website: “Foreign nationals may enter Canada or remain in Canada without a study permit to attend a course or program of study of 6 months’ duration or less [R188(1)(c)].” 

For study in Canada lasting longer than 6 months: 

For general information about international student study, review the relevant Government of Canada website
Red Deer Polytechnic International Division also has information specific to permits and visas

Application to Red Deer Polytechnic 

Interested student will be nominated by EUF to RDP Abroad Office (Abroad@rdpolytech.ca). Once the nomination is accepted, complete your application to RDP using the following link: Application

The completed application can be submitted directly to international.admissions@rdpolytech.ca accompanied by your EUF nomination. 

Canada ended COVID-19 related entry requirements in October 2022. For the most current COVID-19 information, see COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders - Travel.gc.ca 

Contact Information 
Visit our International webpage section to learn about studying at Red Deer Polytechnic. For any questions and inquires, email RDP Abroad

Global Skills Opportunity Experiences 

In partnership with Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) administered by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), RDP is excited to provide our students the opportunity to study and learn from different organizations and institutions abroad to enrich their student journey at RDP. GSO-RDP Abroad programs are funded through the GSO grants. 

Biological Sciences in Costa Rica

 In partnership with CREMA and Turtle Trax, Red Deer Polytechnic is excited to offer volunteer experience for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Biological Sciences to apply their learning at a turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica. 

Volunteer Experience 

  • Immersed in a full-contact experience with nature and coastal communities of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.  

  • Protection and conservation activities including direct work with the sea turtle conservation program, and community connections.  

  • Three-week experience.  

When Will I Go? 

Timing is coordinated around the regular turtle nesting season in Costa Rica, which occurs between July and December each year.  

Volunteer (Three Weeks) 

  • Participants will be divided into groups to join either a summer cohort or fall cohort 

  • Summer cohort will travel in July and August 

  • Fall cohort will travel in October 

  • Project site location is assigned by our partner CREMA and Turtle Trax 

  • 2024 Experience Dates:  

  • Cohort àJul 13 – Aug 3, 2024 

  • Cohort àAug 4 – Aug 25, 2024 

  • Cohort àOct 4 – Oct 25, 2024 

Eligibility Requirements 

Student must complete the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at Red Deer Polytechnic by June of the experience year to be eligible to apply.

For example, if you would like to apply for the 2025 abroad experience, you will need to finish your 2nd year of study by June 2025. You will still submit your application when it opens in 2024. 

Course Information 

Students who complete the volunteer experience will be eligible for credits in SCIE 4901 Applied Study Credit (3 Credits). Course credit is determined by program requirements and required completion of all necessary deliverables.  


Accommodations and meals will be arranged for students who undertake the volunteer experience. Accommodations and meals are provided by Turtle Trax, covering three basic meals each day and basic accommodations for the experience.  

Accommodations for this experience will be in shared style layouts, typically with bunkbeds as the primary bed setup. In most cases these accommodations will be roomed by the host organization in a co-ed manner.  

Funding Opportunities and Providers 

This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program aiming to cover the majority of necessary expenses for students to participate in a study abroad experience. Funding application is together with the experience application. Visit Awards & Scholarships for details. 

Experience Cost 

Experience costs is estimated between $6,500 - $7,500 CAD that includes:  

  • Airfare, to and from Costa Rica 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Travel Immunizations 

  • Transportation Assistance Plan (Airport Drop-off/Pick-up in Costa Rica and transport to research site) 

  • Meals and Accommodations provided by CREMA and Turtle Trax 

  • Supplies and first-aid lesson 

*The GSO grant will cover majority of the cost and up to 100% if available.  


Application opens a year prior to the experience. For example, you will be applying in 2026 for 2027’s experience. 

2025 Application Opens: To be announced          

2025 Application Closes: To be announced  

Shortlisting/Interviews:  To be announced 

Applicant Selection and Notification:   To be announced 

Contact Us 

Questions? Email RDP Abroad

Practical Nurse in Saint Lucia

Make a world of difference, join our study abroad experience! The RDP Abroad Practical Nursing Experience provides students an opportunity to develop their skills abroad by supporting local communities and organizations on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.  

Through collaboration with local partners, students will develop general health promotion and educational material for local communities that meet localized individual needs.  

When Will I Go? 

This abroad experience is scheduled to be two weeks in May, exact date may vary year to year. 

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Students must have completed the Practical Nurse Program including the final practicum.  

  • Students must be successful and in good academic standing with the program. 

Course Information for Practical Nurse Abroad 2024 

If student choose to participate in this abroad experience, it will count towards part of PN 271 Health Promotion IV Course. Student will complete PN 271 in the winter term however, student will receive an "incomplete" until they return from St. Lucia and have successfully completed PN 271 in St. Lucia. 

Course credit is determined by program requirements and required completion of all necessary deliverables. Please contact School of Health and Wellness if you have any questions about course credit 

Travel and Accommodations 

Flights, accommodations and meals will be pre-arranged for this experience. As this is a faculty led group study tour, all students will stay at the same hotel and travel together during the time in St. Lucia. 

Funding Opportunities  

This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program aiming to cover the majority of necessary expenses for students to participate in a study abroad experience. Visit Awards & Scholarships for details. 

Experience Cost 

Cost of the experience is estimated at $5,000 - $6000 CAD per participant that includes: 

  • Airfare 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Accommodations and Meals 

  • Transportation to and from the airport at the destination 

  • Local ground transport at the destination for experience related activities 

*The GSO grant will cover majority of the cost and up to 100% if available.  


Application for Practical Nurse Abroad is currently closed 

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