Testing Services

Students writing an exam in a classroom.

Red Deer Polytechnic's Testing Services offers exam administration services to both RDP students and members of our communities. 

Testing Services is located in the NOVA Chemicals Learning Common (Room 940) on main campus. 

If you are interested in booking an exam, please select the type of test below to view more details, including how to register. Also at the bottom of the page, Testing Services lists some key information as you prepare for your test day. 

Testing Services

Accommodated Testing

Accommodated testing involves alterations to the way that a test or exam is administered in order to make test-writing environments more accessible. In Testing Services, students with approved exam accommodations will find the necessary space, supports and technologies required to accommodate their testing needs.

STEP 1. Register with Accessibility Services

Students with documented disabilities affecting mobility, learning, physical health or mental health can register with Accessibility Services to access resources and accommodations needed to achieve their learning outcomes.

Once you have completed the registration process and received your approved exam accommodations, you may begin scheduling accommodated exams with Testing Services.

STEP 2. Booking Accommodated Exams with Testing Services

To book an accommodated exam for a credit course, log-in to your Access+ Student Portal and click on the Schedule a Test or Exam icon. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to book your exam.

IMPORTANT: You must book your exam a minimum of seven days prior to the class writing date to ensure there is enough time for test preparation and seating arrangement planning. If you miss this deadline, your booking request will be declined and you will be required to make alternate testing arrangements. Students are strongly encouraged to book accommodated exams as early as possible each term; scheduling adjustments may be made afterward, if required.

Testing Service will confirm your test the day before your writing date after the instructor uploads the test material and instruction. 

STEP 3. Writing Accommodated Exams in Testing Service

On the day of your exam, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your writing time and check-in at the Testing Services Main Desk. You will be required to provide valid photo ID (your RDP iCard or government-issued photo ID) when checking-in for your exam.

Personal belongings are not permitted in the testing labs, with the exception of those necessary for accommodations and any instructor-approved testing resources. Lockers are available free-of-charge while writing exams in Testing Services (offered on a first-come, first-served basis).

College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER)

STEP 1: Apply for Your Program at RDP

Once you have applied to a program, you can check your Loop account to see which College Board Placement (ACCUPLACER) tests are required.

STEP 2: Book Your Test

To book your test at Red Deer Polytechnic, fill out this form. There will be a fee of $54.

STEP 3: Take Your Test

Bring your photo ID when you arrive at the Test Centre on the day of your test. 

Remote Testing

If you are unable to write your ACCUPLACER test at RDP, you can instead write it online through Examity. To do so, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Request a Voucher for Remote Testing

Please submit an ACCUPLACER Voucher Request Form. Once this information has been received, Testing Services will generate an ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Voucher. This voucher will be sent to you via e-mail from ACCUPLACER. Please allow up to seven days for the voucher to be created.

STEP 2: Register for an Examity Account

Click the Examity link in the e-mail from ACCUPLACER and register for an Examity account. You must register using the same information provided for your ACCUPLACER request.

Once you have registered with Examity and created an account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with login credentials from Examity.

STEP 3: Log in to the Examity Dashboard 

Log in to the Examity Dashboard to set up a profile and schedule a proctoring session to complete your test. Please use the voucher code provided in the e-mail from ACCUPLACER to schedule your test.

  • NOTE: When setting up your Examity profile, you must upload current and valid photo ID (you will show this same piece of photo ID again once you are ready to begin the test). You will also be required to pay a proctoring fee (one fee per attempt) when you schedule your test.

STEP 4: Take Your Test

To complete your test, log in to the Examity Dashboard at your scheduled writing date and time and follow the instructions provided by the Examity proctor.

For more information on Examity, testing guidelines and technical requirements, please visit Examity's website.

Test Results

Once completed, your testing results will be provided to the Red Deer Polytechnic Admissions Department for use in admission decisions. You may confirm this by accessing the Applications page in the Loop. Please allow up to two weeks for results to be submitted and processed. 


If your ACCUPLACER assessment is unsuccessful, you will be eligible to rewrite the unsuccessful components. Students are eligible to attempt entrance testing up to two times per term. If you are unsuccessful in the rewrite, you will have to wait until the next term for your next attempt.

To request a rewrite to be written at Red Deer Polytechnic, fill out this form (selecting Prospective Students → Accuplacer → Retake).

To request a rewrite to be written remotely, please submit the voucher request form to us. When asked if this is your first attempt, select "No."


If you are registered with Accessibility Services at Red Deer Polytechnic and would like to inquire about the possibility of accessing your approved exam accommodations for this test, please contact Testing Services via e-mail prior to paying the proctoring fee and scheduling your test.

Practice Resources

For access to practice resources that you can use to prepare for your test, please visit ACCUPLACER's website and select from the following resources.

English Testing:

  • Reading Sample Questions
  • Writing Sample Questions
  • WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays

Math Testing:

  • Arithmetic Sample Questions
Deferred & Supplemental Exams

Deferred Exams

Deferred Exams are approved by the Registrar and are scheduled on a predetermined date each term. It is recommended that you submit a Deferred Examination Application, which is found in Forms on TheLoop, as soon as you know you will be unable to write your Final Exam on the scheduled date.

If you will be unable to write your class’s Final Exam at the date and time on the Final Exam Schedule, you may apply for a Deferred Exam to instead write it at the Test Centre at a scheduled predetermined date each term. Reasons that a deferred exam may be approved include conflicts with other exams, illness, domestic affliction, religious practices or the requirement for accommodations.

Supplemental Exams

Supplemental Exams are exams requested by a student and approved by the instructor to improve the grade in the course. A student is eligible to write a Supplemental Exam if they wrote a final exam during the final exam period and received a grade of 40% or greater on the examination.

Students are eligible to write two supplemental exams in one academic year. Applications may be approved or denied by the instructor. There is a fee of $95 per examination. 

To apply to write a Supplemental Exam, you must submit a Supplemental Examination Application, which is found in Forms on TheLoop, to the Office of the Registrar.

Scheduling Your Test

After you receive approval, you will be contacted by Testing Services to confirm the details of your test booking. Please check the Academic Calendar to confirm what day Deferred/Supplemental Exams will fall on and be prepared to have your test scheduled at any time during that day.

If you have been approved for testing accommodations through Accessibility Services, you may request to use them for your Deferred or Supplemental Exam.

Deferred and Supplemental Exams will be written at the Test Centre. 

Welder Testing - CWB Testing, B Pressure

Book a Test

There are a maximum number of welders permitted for each test offering. Please follow these steps to book your test:

NEW – Self Booking System 

We have implemented a new self-booking system for Weld Testing. If you have any issues or questions about booking, please email us or call 403.342.3100 ext. 2. We're open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

If you are an individual booking a test for yourself: 

If you are a company booking a test for one or more welders:

  • Utilize the self-booking tool, to book the test type and available date of test for each employee. 
  • Call the School of Trades and Technology at 403.342.3100 ext. 2 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm) to arrange for payment via company PO or account.  
  • If the welders have tested at RDP within the last two years, log in to your company account and register the welders in the appropriate tests. 
  • If your company has not tested at RDP within the last two years, request a company profile by emailing us. You will be provided instructions on enrolling welders in tests and providing payment on behalf of your company. 

For on-location testing at your site, contact the School of Trades and Technology at 403.342.3100 ext. 2.

NOTE: Red Deer Polytechnic is closed for all major holidays.

If you have questions, contact us by email or call 403.342.3100, ext. 2

External Testing

GED Testing

If you are interested in beginning your career or entering into post-secondary, getting your GED can open doors to many opportunities!

Learn more about the GED from the Government of Alberta.

Booking Your Test

If you haven’t already, register and create an account with both GED.com and myPass. Make sure that your name and address are correct and up to date.

Next, register to write the test through the GED website. Our test centre provides computers for you to write your test with in our computer lab.

Tests are scheduled one at a time; you may choose any available day to write each test.

The cost is $40 USD per exam, paid by credit or debit card online.

Arriving For Your Test

Please bring photo ID with you when you come to write your test.

Check in at the Testing Services desk in Red Deer Polytechnic’s Main Campus, located in the NOVA Chemicals Learning Common (NCLC, Room 940).

Parking can be paid for at the pay stations located just inside the campus entrances.

Plan to arrive about 20 minutes before your test is scheduled to start to allow time for check-in and instructions.

Please be aware that you may not be allowed to bring in any personal belongings not required for your test. Lockers are provided at the test centre for secure storage.


If you will require accommodations for your test, you must apply for them through the GED website. Learn how to apply for accommodations here.

The approval process can take up to 30 days, so make sure to apply as early as possible to ensure that your accessibility needs are planned for and met.

If you have any questions about GED accommodations, please contact GED. While we do everything we can to facilitate accommodations, we cannot approve them.


Rewrites are approximately $40 USD per test and are booked individually through GED.com.

Non-RDP Post-Secondary Testing

We can proctor tests for non-RDP post-secondary institutions such as SAIT, NAIT, Athabasca University and more! Feel free to inquire by e-mail if you would like to know if we can facilitate your test.

To request a booking, fill out and submit this form. The invigilation fee will be $78.75 (tests up to two hours) or $99.75 (tests over two hours). Please submit your booking request a minimum of three days in advance of your writing date.

Once we have confirmed a date and time for your test, you will be asked to contact your institution to inform them that you will be taking your test at Red Deer Polytechnic. They will send us the materials and instructions needed to run your test.

If you are approved for accommodations with your institution, you can ask them to forward any relevant information to us so that we can facilitate them at our location.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) and Canadian Academic English Language CAEL) Tests
  1. Book your CELPIP or CAEL Test online 

  2. Review the information on the specific CELPIP or CAEL website

  3. Bring your photo ID when you write the test 

Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) Test
  1. Book the AIC test online

  2. Submit this form

Note: There is a $78.75 fee to take the exam at RDP, which is separate from the AIC test fee.

Firefighter Fitness - Physical Aptitude Test

Offered in Partnership with Red Deer Emergency Services to evaluate recruits for physical fitness capacities. 

Book a test through the RDP Sports & Recreation

For more information about this testing contact the RDP Strength & Conditioning Coordinator at 403.356.5100

P.A.R.E - Physical Ability Readiness Evaluation Testing

RDP hosts P.A.R.E. testing for individuals applying to the RCMP or other physical forces, or who are already members.

View upcoming dates and register for your testing through RDP Sports & Recreation.

Test Day Information

Arriving For Your Test
  • Arrive Early

 Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your test is scheduled to start to allow time for check-in and instructions.

  • Photo ID (Piece of valid, Government issued Photo ID required) 

Please bring a photo ID with you when you come to write your test. You will need to present this for entry to Testing Services.


Check in at the Testing Services desk on Red Deer Polytechnic’s main campus, located in the NOVA Chemicals Learning Common (NCLC, Room 940).

Parking can be paid for at the pay stations located just inside the campus entrances.

Permitted/Restricted Items

Please be aware that you may not be allowed to bring in any personal belongings that are not required for your test. Lockers are provided at the Test Centre for secure storage.

Permitted Items

In general, we allow test-takers to bring in a clear water bottle in addition to any materials specifically permitted or required for their test. 

Restricted Items

Items that are generally not allowed include cell phones, watches and paper that is not approved for your test and any non-approved electronic devices. Scrap paper, if allowed for your test, will be provided by Testing Services.


If a calculator is allowed for your test, we will confirm if the type/model is acceptable according to your test instructions. If it is not, we may be able to lend you an appropriate calculator. If you bring a programmable calculator, you may be asked to clear the memory on your device.


If you require the use of headphones for your test (or for your approved accommodations), you may bring your own so long as it is a wired device. Wireless headphones are not permitted. If you require headphones, earbuds, or earplugs, but don’t have your own, we can provide some for you.

Health / Medical Needs

If you require access to food, medication, or any items for health or accessibility reasons, we ask that you contact your test provider to request accommodations. If this is an RDP test, you will need to connect with Accessibility Services.

Test Centre Rules

No Speaking

Please do not speak while inside the testing area. If you have a question or an issue with your test, please raise your hand or enter the invigilator’s office to speak with Test Centre staff. Do not ask other test-takers for help with technical issues.

Taking Breaks

If you need to take a break, you may do so if your test’s rules permit it, but it must be within view of Test Centre staff and you may not access your personal belongings unless you have a specific arrangement or accommodation that permits you to do so. If you need to use the washroom, there is one inside the testing area that you may use.

You may not leave the testing area until your test is complete, unless there is an emergency. If you must evacuate the building for an emergency, leave all testing materials in the testing room and proceed to the nearest exit.

Food and Drinks

Food is not allowed inside the testing area, unless approved as an accommodation. Drinks are allowed if they are inside a clear, noise-conscious container.

Scented Products

The Testing Services upholds a scent-free environment. Please be aware that you may be denied entry into Testing Services if your scent interferes with other test takers during the examination.

Personal Belongings

The complimentary lockers have been offered for the storage of your personal belongings. Please store all non-permitted items in a locker before entering. In the event that lockers are unavailable due to operational reasons, kindly adhere to the guidance provided by the Testing Services staff for the safekeeping of your personal items. If you are found with non-permitted items while writing your test, it will be reported to the instructor or test provider. 

General Inquiries

Testing Services Team
Phone: 403.342.3292

Office Hours: Monday to Friday | 8 am – 4:30 pm

Testing Hours: Monday to Friday | 9 am – 4 pm 


Testing Services is closed on weekends and statutory holidays. 

Email Us