Institutional Research

Institutional Research coordinates facts and figures, technical reports and studies at RDP. 

Our purpose is to provide research and information services to Red Deer Polytechnic departments, committees and individuals in fulfillment of academic and planning functions. The office also furnishes information and data required by the provincial and federal governments. We generate data, information, and statistical reports as required by the institution.

Information provided by Institutional Research ranges from simple numeric data to comprehensive reports. Information may also be tailored to meet the special needs of a requestor. 

Many reports are short summaries that are compiled quickly. Major projects demand detailed planning and implementation and are generally completed over a longer period of time.

Learn more about the projects and reports our team completes, including:

Projects and Statistical Reports

Alberta Application Submission Initiative Data Submission

Data is shared with Alberta Advanced Education to track students applying to post-secondary educational institutions and transferring throughout the province and their programs.  

Annual Program Improvement Report

On an annual basis, various data is compiled into a report for the purpose of reviewing programs. We use this information as an institution to continually improve and maintain high-quality, industry-relevant programming.  

Application Monitoring Report

An interactive report with live data flowing into a Data Warehouse model showing student applications to Red Deer Polytechnic programs from January through to the end of September.  

Continuing Education & Corporate Training Programs

Evaluation Reports are administered to learners enrolled in programming offered by RDP's Continuing Education & Corporate Training Division. 

The information we gather reveals perceptions and opinions expressed by learners. Reports are produced four times during the academic year. 

Full Load Equivalent (FLE) & Headcount Preliminary Enrollment Estimate to Alberta Advanced Education

Alberta's Ministry of Advanced Education generates province-wide Full Load Equivalent (FLE) and headcount estimates for budget-planning purposes. 

This report provides the Ministry with information from Red Deer Polytechnic to help inform decisions. 

Institutional Research Annual Report

This report summarizes the annual activities of Red Deer Polytechnic’s Institutional Research department. 

Program Review Data Collection & Reporting

Program review data encompasses information from various sources, including the Program Completer Study, Employer Study, Program Costs, Graduate Satisfaction, Retention data, Scholarly Activity, FLE Review data, Student Demand, and more.

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