Alumni Legacy Award

Alumni Legacy

The Alumni Legacy Award was first given in 2004 in conjunction with the Polytechnic's 40th Anniversary and was established as a posthumous recognition to recognize an individual alumnus’ contribution to the community. 


The deceased Candidate must fit the criteria of a “General Member” according to the Red Deer Polytechnic Alumni Association Bylaws: 

Article 3.1 General Membership shall be available to persons previously registered as students at Red Deer College/Polytechnic who paid the prescribed College/Polytechnic registration fee and successfully: a) received a parchment, or b) completed a minimum of 30 credits, or c) completed one period of apprenticeship technical training. 



In the spirit of  commitment to the community, a $750 student award from the Red Deer Polytechnic Alumni Association was established and is given out each year. 

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