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Pursuing post-secondary education abroad is a big step. Our team is here to help you with this exciting new chapter. Explore our resources as you prepare for your future as a student at RDP. 

Meet Our Team

RDP International Team Members

Werner Beylefeld, Dean, International Education: Werner.Beylefeld@rdpolytech.ca 

Rhodora Tan, Operations Assistant: Rhodora.Tan@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.342.3152) 

Chantal Marchand, International Recruitment Manager: Chantal.Marchand@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.342.3202)

Mahima Ohri, International Student Navigator: Mahima.Ohri@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.356.4861), WhatsApp: +1.403.877.4227

Anna Kong, International Student Navigator: Anna.Kong@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.356.4941), WhatsApp: +1.403.318-7573

Flavia Campana Omori, RISIA, International Student Navigator: Flavia.Campanaomori@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.343.4095), WhatsApp: +1.403.373-7471

Julia Shevchenko, Academic Liaison: Yuliia.Shevchenko@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.356.4902) 

Marie Litwinski, Academic Liaison: Marie.Litwinski@rdpolytech.ca (+1.403.356.4902) 

General Inquiries: International@rdpolytech.ca 

General Inquiries - South Asia: Southasia@rdpolytech.ca 

Agent Inquiries: Agents@rdpolytech.ca 

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