3rd Annual Research Showcase Program

Join us for a presentation featuring the latest in faculty, staff and student research and scholarly activities (both in progress and recently completed).


5:00-5:15pmOpening Prayer and Remarks including from Indigenous Community MembersCenovus Energy Learning Common
5:15-6:00pmKeynote Speaker: Dr. Anomi Bearden 

Fostering Environments of Well-Being through Collaboration and Connection
Cenovus Energy Learning Common
6:00-6:30pmPoster Display and refreshments by RDP Cook Apprentice ProgramCenovus Energy Learning Common
6:30-7:45pmConcurrent session 1 (5 rooms)Classrooms adjacent to Cenovus Energy Learning Common
7:45-8:00pmBreakCenovus Energy Learning Common
8:00-9:15pmConcurrent session 2 (5 rooms)Classrooms adjacent to Cenovus Energy Learning Common
9:20-9:30pmClosing Prayer and RemarksCenovus Energy Learning Common

Poster Displays

Creating a full-cast audiobook, Black Menagerie, with student actors and producers

Presenter Name: Dan Whiteside 

Research Team: Dan Whiteside (author, narrator, executive producer, voice actor), Troy Finley (Film student – producer, voice actor), Dominique Sankovic (Film student – assistant producer), Levi Kristiansen (Film student – assistant producer & voice actor), Caleb Harrison (Motion Picture Arts Alumni – voice actor ),Graham Adamcryck (Film student – voice actor), Conner Grieve (Film student – voice actor), Olivia Lawrence (Film student – voice actor), Emilee Marchand (Film student – voice actor), Matthew Moelhoff (Film student) – voice actor), Kadence Smithson (Film student – voice actor), Briseis Kenny (Animation student – voice actor), Helix/Rowan Wuthrich (Animation student – voice actor), Leslie Kalimunda (Film student – voice actor), Liam McQuay (Film student – voice actor), Jonah Penny (Film student – voice actor), Sienna Whiteside (Education student – voice actor) 
Presentation Description: This project is the dissemination of a published creative work in a new format to reach different audiences. The full-cast audiobook of Black Menagerie is a project that allows RDP students and alumni to be involved in a creative project with international potential. There are 15 students and one alumni voicing characters, current students working on the sound production, and the author as the narrator. As an instructor of storytelling, the opportunity for Dan to share his writing with a new audience through audiobook format enhances his ability to share publishing and storytelling experiences with future students. This project also provides students with relevant experience in voice acting, producing, and/or storytelling experience creating a work-ready student experience. With thanks to Red Deer Polytechnic for support through the Faculty Research and Scholarship Fund and the Riipen grant, the community can be proud to be associated with a polished, professional product on an international stage. 

Presenter Biography: Dan Whiteside, under the pseudonym David Daniels, is the author of Black Menagerie. He has taught at RDP for over 12 years, teaching Communications, Storytelling, and Screenwriting. Dan focuses his research on storytelling, gender, and diversity within pop culture. Previous to working at RDP, Dan was a writer/designer for the hugely successful video game developer, BioWare. He worked on titles like Dragon Age: Origins, NeverWinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Life Skills Training Modules for Therapy Assistant Students: An Open Educational Resource to Enhance Student Well-Being and Success

Presenter Name: Candi Raudebaugh 

Presentation Description: Life skills pose a challenge for college students, particularly therapy assistant students who assist clients with life skills. Few life skills training programs exist for post-secondary students, and none for therapy assistant students.

The authors completed a three-phase research project to develop, implement, and evaluate life skills training modules for therapy assistant students. Phase 1 involved a needs assessment and input from key stakeholders. Phase 2 focused on developing online life skills training modules on Performance Management, Money Management, and Manual Skills. In Phase 3, the modules were implemented with students at a Canadian college. Findings revealed no significant change in students' Occupational Self-Assessment scores, but their knowledge quiz scores improved significantly, and participants reported satisfaction and learning. 

An Open Educational Resource was developed based on this research, which aims to provide life skills training to enhance post-secondary students' knowledge, confidence, and overall success. 

Presenter Biography: Candi Raudebaugh, DSc, is an occupational therapist who has been an instructor in the Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant (OPTA) Program at Red Deer Polytechnic since 2013. Dr. Raudebaugh is a graduate of the Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership program at Queen’s University, and her doctoral research focused on life skills training for students in therapy assistant diploma programs. Her research can be applied to contexts where college students would benefit from explicit support in developing life skills. 

Moose Movement, Diet, and Health in Red Deer County: Combining Molecular Ecology and Field-Based Approaches

Presenter name: Gabriela Ibarguchi  
Research team members: Anne Dempsey and Sandra MacDougall (both from Donald School of Business, Science and Computing 

Presentation Description: For species that rely on habitat and waterways transecting urban environments, monitoring and planning must incorporate ecological, population, and land-use information. Comparative studies require data on populations, habitat needs (diet and movement), and knowledge about emerging issues (disease, human/wildlife conflicts, environmental change, etc.). In Western North America, moose populations (Alces alces) have fluctuated since the 1900’s primarily due to overhunting. In Alberta, moose have been declining in some areas. Mortality attributed to anthropogenic impacts include: road mortality, environmental change (increasing drought; vegetation changes), and parasites of concern (winter tick; liver fluke). In Red Deer County, an ongoing study is investigating habitat use and human/wildlife conflict. To expand this work, the present study aims to optimizing methods for: (1) tracking movement and for visual id (wildlife cameras); (2) genetic id (and sexing); (3) trials for parasite detection; and (4) pilot diet studies. Genetic data provide insights on population connectivity at broader scales. 

Presenter Biography: Gabriela Ibarguchi, PhD joined Red Deer Polytechnic in 2021 as a Biology instructor. Working in ecology, evolution, and environmental sciences, she focuses on the conservation of species in harsh and rapidly changing environments, particularly on species as indicators of change. She has taught in biology and environmental sciences at Queen’s University and Carleton University, Ontario, and as a guest lecturer in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Dr. Ibarguchi’s interests include understanding the past, present, and potential future factors and drivers that shape the distribution and resiliency of populations. She works with diverse community partners to restore and conserve habitat, to investigate emerging issues threatening vulnerable populations, and to investigate the complex ecological effects of climate change. 

Reproductive Investment, Egg Indices, and Morphometrics in Olive Ridley Turtles in Costa Rica During an El Niño Breeding Season

Presenter Names: Keanna T. Richards and Gabriela Ibarguchi 
Research Team: Keanna T. Richards, Gabriela Ibarguchi (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Nínive Espinoza-Rodríguez, Graciela Pulido-Petit, and Isabel Naranjo from CREMA (Centre for Rescue of Endangered Marine Species, Costa Rica)  

Presentation Description: In marine ecosystems, continuing expansion of anthropogenic activities and habitat degradation contribute to species declines, while the impacts of climate change threaten the recovery potential of populations. Among marine turtles, Olive Ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) are listed as vulnerable (IUCN Red List) and populations continue to decline. Important nesting beaches in many countries and in Costa Rica are monitored and protected (e.g., Costa de Oro, CR). During 2023, nesting data was collected (clutch size, egg measurements, nest depth, and timing), alongside measurements of breeding females and some hatchlings. This ongoing study is investigating: (1) reproductive investment (nest and egg variables) and potential correlates to maternal size (and resulting hatchlings); (2) optimal methods with low impact for comparative studies (across years and sites); (3) temporal trends in reproductive investment; and (4) trends stemming from an unusual year (2023-2024 El Niño event). Egg size remains overlooked in studies of reproductive investment in changing marine environments. 

Presenter Biography: Keanna Richards is a Biological Sciences student at Red Deer Polytechnic. She recently completed her field studies on marine turtles with researchers based at the Rescue Center for Endangered Marine Species (CREMA, Costa Rica) as a recipient of a Global Skills Opportunity grant (Government of Canada). Keanna’s diverse interests include athletics, and she has been a member of RDP’s Women’s Basketball team and other groups and has received recognition also in other sports including in track and field.

Supporting International Students in an Early Learning and Childcare Program in Canada: - Academic Supports as a Way of Assisting Students Succeed in the Program

Presenter Name: Claudia Sasse 

Presentation Description: To improve the likelihood of success for our international Early Learning Childcare (ELCC) students in their Post-Secondary Education journey, it is crucial for both instructors and our institution to provide academic supports that effectively address the students’ immediate needs. Red Deer Polytechnic already has several academic supports available to the students; however, some students are not taking advantage of them, prompting the need for further investigation. 

To gain deeper insights into this issue, Claudia conducted four distinct focus groups involving eight staff members and seven international ELCC students. The international students' focus group interviews centered on their personal academic needs and perceptions of the institution's support. The staff's interviews focused on their understanding of international students' needs and their awareness and utilization of academic support mechanisms to assist these students.  

The findings underscore the importance of delving into intercultural competence to enhance students' success, a topic further explored in Claudia's study.  

Presenter Biography: Claudia Sasse, EdD(c) has been an instructor at Red Deer Polytechnic since 2022. She instructs courses in the Early Childhood and Childcare (ELCC) field within the Education Department. Claudia started her teaching career in Brazil working as an elementary teacher and has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. She has worked as a kindergarten teacher, resource teacher, language specialist, school principal, and post-secondary instructor across Canada and abroad. Claudia speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish fluently. In 2022, Claudia was the recipient of a Scholarship Award for International Bilingual Students (English/Spanish) presented by Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA., USA. In 2023, Claudia curated a Pressbook, Pedagogical Leadership for Early Learning Educators.  

Claudia’s research interests are international students, educational leadership, and student success. Claudia is passionate about culture, language, and diversity. She is nearing the completion of her Doctorate in Education, focusing her research on leveraging academic support to promote the success of international students. She has been presenting the findings of her research study at conferences, seminars, and symposiums.

Understanding Electric Vehicles and Grid Impact in Alberta

Presenter name: Derek Donnelly 

Presentation Description: The Ev Impact Report aims to understand better what will happen to Central Alberta’s electrical grid with the increased adoption of electric vehicles in the coming years. The report also dives into the possible solutions utilities can implement to reduce the impact on our grids and the effect weather has on the viability of electrical vehicles in Alberta. This poster is a visual representation of that report. The poster won first place at the 2023 Alberta Corridor Technical Symposium for all student posters.

Presenter Biography: Derek Donnelly is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Red Deer Polytechnic. Derek contributes his expertise as an Applied Research Technician in the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC). Since joining the EIC in May 2023, Derek has played an important role in the development of the Data Sharing Alliance—an initiative focused on leveraging data for advancing renewable energy practices across Alberta. Derek is driven by a desire to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future by expanding the scope of renewable energy research in the province. Through his involvement in the Data Sharing Alliance, Derek hopes to foster innovative solutions that will propel Alberta's renewable energy landscape forward.

Understanding Heat Pumps in Alberta

Presenter name: Brennan Andres 

Presentation Description: The presentation will cover various topics such as, the components of a heat pump, their functionality, energy efficiency considerations, and the different types with their respective advantages and disadvantages. The presentation will also touch on building performances and considerations of building as a system.

Presenter Biography: Brennan Andres is an Innovation Centre Research Technician in the Energy Innovation Centre. His research interests include energy efficiency and energy management, as well as building performance, retrofitting buildings, food security, and community building. His most recent projects are the development of the Road Map to Net Zero in collaboration with the Canadian Home Building Association.

Concurrent Session 1 – 6:30 to 7:45 pm

Bears and Bees – Room 2917
  • Population Dynamics of Recolonizing American Black Bears (Ursus americanus) in the Beaver Hills Biosphere

    • Presenter Name: Sandra MacDougall 
    • Research Team: Sandra MacDougall (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Ramona Maraj (Parks Canada), Erin Hendersen (Parks Canada) 
  • Red Deer's Urban Bee Diversity 

    • Presenter name: Allicia Irwin 
    • Research Team: Alicia Irwin, Sandra MacDougall (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Dave Prescott (Principle Investigator), Ken Lehman (City of Red Deer)
  • To Bee or Not to Bee, "Saving the Bees" in Red Deer: It's More Complicated Than You Think 

    • Presenter name: Charity Brière
  • Decoding the Genetic Identity of Native Bees for Sustainable Ecosystem Management

    • Presenter Names: Meghan Heistad and Meggie Mackenzie
Teaching @ RDP – Room 2918
  • Teaching Source Evaluation to Nursing Students: Which Method is Best? 

    • Presenter Name: Caitlin Ratcliffe
  • Improving SCIE 2101: Where Do I Go From Here

    • Presenter Name: Kristy M. Erickson
  • Using Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Motion Capture in Visual Effects and Gaming

    • Presenter Name: Peter Fiala
  • Readiness for Field Work:  Students’ Perspectives

    • Presenter Name: Juliet Onabadejo, Lynne Madsen, Jolene Wright 
    • Research Team members: Juliet Onabadejo, Lynne Madsen, Jolene Wright, Yalda Asef (School of Health and Wellness), Michelle Doherty (School of Health and Wellness), Alanna Watt (School of Health and Wellness), Peggy Follis (School of Health and Wellness)
  • The Cohort Experience: Creating a Community of Practice 

    • Presenter Name: Brent Galloway
Student Supports & Experiences – Room 2919A
  • Post-Secondary Student Homelessness: Informing Prevention through Qualitative Analysis

    • Presenter Names: Krista Robson, Dustin Quirk, Levis Kabahizi 
    • Research Team: Krista Robson, Dustin Quirk, Anomi Bearden, Levis Kahahizi, Jessica Doyle (RDP alumni), Chloe Hoppus (RDP alumni), Cassandra Curtis (RDP alumni)
  • Physical Activity, Cell Phone Use and Attention

    • Presenter Name: Emma Wrench 
    • Research Team: Emma Wrench, Dr. Reiko Yeap (School of Arts and Education) 
  • Reading College Research Project

    • Presenter Names: Julia Rheaume, Sam Darby 
  • How Can the Education System Support Students with Severe and Multiple or Profound Disabilities and Implement a Curriculum to Promote a More Meaningful Learning Experience? 

    • Presenter Name: Kayl Davies 
    • Research Team: Kayl Davies and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education)
  • Adaptability and Innovation in Social Work Field Education During the Pandemic of Covid -19: A Study of Student's Experiences Across Campuses in India and Canada

    • Presenter Name: Elaine Spencer and Jolene Wright
Trauma & Violence – Room 2919B
  • State Violence as Means of Persuasion: An Introduction to My Multidisciplinary Project

    • Presenter Name: Jeff Wigelsworth 
  • Exploring the Influence of Childhood Trauma and Childbirth Self-efficacy in Birth Trauma

    • Presenter Names: Jamie Prowse Turner, Shree Aiyer
  • Attitudes Towards Child-Safety: The Role of Legal and Socioeconomic Contexts 

    • Presenter name: Jones Adjei 
    • Research Team: Jones Adjei, Kaitlin White, Ashley Sparks
  • A Better Community: Anti-Racism Resources Availability and Usage in Red Deer

    • Presenter name: Abby Gale Layon, Ashley Sparks and Choon-Lee Chai 
    • Research team members:  Abby Gale Layon, Ashley Sparks, Jones Adjei (School of Arts and Education), Choon-Lee Chai 
Inside the Classroom – Room 2920
  • What are the Benefits to Students of Incorporating Agricultural Education in the K-12 Curriculum?

    • Presenter Name: Rayanna Ramsay 
    • Research Team: Rayanna Ramsay and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • What are the Impacts of Differentiated Instruction in a Middle Level English Language Arts Curriculum Classroom?

    • Presenter Name: Mary Alice Brown 
    • Research Team: Mary Alice Brown and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • Is Creating Classrooms by Age of Students the Best Way to Support Student Learning

    • Presenter Name: Emily David 
    • Research Team: Emily David and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • How do we Discuss and Educate Gender Identity and Sexuality in Elementary Age Students? 

    • Presenter Name: Mia Belbeck 
    • Research Team: Mia Belbeck and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • What do Educators do to Support Students with at Risk Behaviour? 

    • Presenter Name: Lindsey Beamish 
    • Research Team: Lindsey Beamish and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education)

Concurrent Session 2 – 8:00 – 9:15 pm

Fledgling Turtles & Fungi – Room 2917
  • Hatchery Effectiveness for Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) Sea Turtle Conservation at Playa Costa de Oro, Costa Rica 

    • Presenter Name: Kira Weddell 
    • Research Team: Kira Weddell, Sandra MacDougall (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Gabriela Ibarguchi (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Nínive Espinoza-Rodríguez, Graciela Pulido-Petit, and Isabel Naranjo from CREMA (Centre for Rescue of Endangered Marine Species, Costa Rica) 
  • Assessing the Impact of Nest Temperature and Rainfall on Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) Hatchlings Along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica During an El Nino Year 

    • Presenter Name: Abbey Van Heuvel 
    • Research Team members: Abbey Van Heuvel, Sandra MacDougall (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Gabriela Ibarguchi (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), Nínive Espinoza-Rodríguez, Graciela Pulido-Petit, and Isabel Naranjo from CREMA (Centre for Rescue of Endangered Marine Species, Costa Rica) 
  • Changes in Gut Fungal Microbiome of Conventionally and Pasture-Raised Pigs 

    • Presenter Name: Carolyn Scott and Angela Ibe  
    • Research Team: Carolyn Scott, Angela Ibe, Dr. Devin Holman, and Dr. Cyrus Taheri (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing) 
  • The Application of a Fungal Metabolite to Enhance the Yield of Commercially Important Mushroom Species 

    • Presenter Names: Destiny Gillespie and Felix Beever 
    • Research Team: Destiny B. Gillespie, Felix Beever, Warren Elgersma (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing), and Dr. Cyrus Taheri (Donald School of Business, Science and Computing) 
Society, Past & Present – Room 2918
  • A "Goldmine of Inspiration": Science, Religion, and Literary Solutions in the 17th Century and Today 

    • Presenter Name: Jacqueline Cowan
  • Campus Clinical: Re-Envisioning Authentic Learning Experiences in the BScN Program 

    • Presenter Names: Kala Streibel, Raigne Symes, Barbara Wilson-Keates, Daphne Kennedy and Stephen Brown
    • Research Team members: Kala Streibel, Raigne Symes, Barbara Wilson-Keates, Erin Lowe (School of Health and Wellness), Brenda Query (School of Health and Wellness), Daphne Kennedy, Stephen Brown
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Applied Research and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Parasport Equipment Design  

    • Presenter Name: Jennifer Dornstauder
    • Research Team: Prateeksha Aggarwal (Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing Technology Access Centre (CIM-TAC)
  • Immigrant Health in Small Centers and Rural Canada: A Literature Review

    • Presenter names: Kaitlin White, Choon-Lee Chai, Jones Adjei
Wellness – Room 2919A
  • Is Mental Health Much More Apparent in Today's Students?

    • Presenter Name: Shelby Vick
    • Research Team: Shelby Vick and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • Investigating the Impact of Racial Discrimination on the Mental Health of Black Canadians

    • Presenter Name: Juliet Onabadejo, Folajinmi Oluwasina and Jones Adjei
    • Research Team: Juliet Onabadejo, Folajinmi Oluwasina, Jones Adjei and Anita Ewan
  • The Effects of HeartMath Heart Lock-In on Elementary Students’ HRV and Self-Reported Emotion-Regulation Skill 

    • Presenter name: Anomi Bearden
    • Research Team: Dr. Anomi G. Bearden, Sanne van Oostrom (RDP alumni), and Dr. Stephen B. R.  E. Brown (School of Arts and Education) 
  • Empowering Wellness: Design Thinking for Assistive Technology in Long-term Care 

    • Presenter Name: Chiyla Hemeyer
    • Research Team: Dr. Gregory Wells (School of Arts and Education), Dr. Teena Dickerson (Centre of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship), Steven Friesen (Bethany Care Society), Tonya Wolfe (Division of Applied Research), Candi Raudebaugh (School of Health and Wellness) and Alicia Cafferata (Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing Technology Access Centre) 
  • Post-Secondary Barriers, Belongingness, and Well-Being: Informing Campus Mental Health Strategy Through Student Perspectives

    • Presenter Name: Star Clynes, Amalia Uliniuc 
    • Research Team: Dr. Anomi Bearden (School of Arts and Education), Dr. Jamie Prowse Turner (School of Arts and Education), Star Clynes, Amalia Uliniuc, Tanya Lyons –Belt (Division of Student Success), Dr. Krista Robson (School of Arts and Education) 
Optimizing Design Through Data – Room 2919B
  • Solar Data Sharing Alliance: Illuminating the Future

    • Presenter name: Derek Donnelly, Benjamin Allan, and Dean Bye  
    • Research Team: Caleb Marquart (University of Alberta), Derek Donnelly, Benjamin Allan and Dean Bye   
  • Design of Fixtures

    • Presenter Name: Debjyoti Sen
    • Research Team: Guriqbal Singh Munday, Jennifer Dornstauder, Jayden Koster from Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing Technology Access Centre
  • Welding, Automated and Manual – A Hot Topic in Modeling for Quality Control

    • Presenter Name: Kyle S. Nicholson
    • Research Team: Alicia Cafferata-Arnett (Centre of Innovation in Manufacturing – Technology Access Centre), James Hogan (University of Alberta), Tonya Wolfe (Division of Applied Research) 
  • Lattice Structures in Design: The Effect of Unit Cells on Compressive Strength 

    • Presenter name: Prateeksha Aggarwal, Jayden Koster and Tonya Wolfe 
  • Iterative Design: A Research Informed Hands-On Approach

    • Presenter name: Usman Cheema
Influences on the Classroom – Room 2920
  • Is Academic Performance Affected by Athletics?

    • Presenter Name: Brooke Skrypichayko 
    • Research Team: Brooke Skrypichayko and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education)   
  • How do Absences in the Classroom Affect Students' Achievement and Teachers' Performance?

    • Presenter Name: Keith Davis
    • Research Team: Keith Davis and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • How Does Social Strain Impact Academic Achievement in the Middle Years?

    • Presenter Name: Shayla Beauchamp
    • Research Team: Shayla Beauchamp and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education) 
  • What are the Influences of Parenting Styles on Student Behaviour in a Classroom?

    • Presenter Name: Jamie Doyle
    • Research Team: Jamie Doyle and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education)  
  • How Should Educators Approach the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms?

    • Presenter Name: Sarah Dubas
    • Research Team: Sarah Dubas and Caitlin Fox (School of Arts and Education)