Office of Research & Scholarship

What We Do

The Office of Research and Scholarships at Red Deer Polytechnic works with the Research Common and the Research Ethics Board to guide research and scholarships occurring across the institution including:

  • offering administrative support
  • support for research and teaching with animals
  • research data management
  • oversight for grant applications 
  • grant management

 This work is supported in part by the Government of Canada's Research Support Fund.

Our Team

  • Alison Jeppesen, PhD – Associate Dean, Centre of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Hasina Juma, MA – Chair, Research Common
  • Krista Robson, PhD – Chair, Research Ethics Board
  • Danielle Marcus, BBA – Operations Manager, Centre of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Mei-Lin Ward – Administrative Officer, Centre of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Karyn Crawford – Research Grant Specialist, Office of Applied Research


The Research and Scholarship Committee is a standing committee of Red Deer Polytechnic’s Academic Council and a key connection to the academic governance processes of the Polytechnic. It oversees the policy direction for research and scholarly activity across the institution, the promotion of research among all members of the Red Deer Polytechnic community and the recognition of research and scholarly activity.

The Recognition of Scholarly Activity Committee recognizes and rewards high-quality scholarly productions by faculty and staff that have a large impact on the field of study. 

Research Common

The Research Common is a place where faculty, staff and students can get assistance with research and scholarly activities. We can offer guidance with:

  • getting started on a research project
  • connecting with other researchers and/or the community for a project
  • designing an ethical research project
  • conducting literature searches
  • writing a research grant or proposal
  • understanding grant requirements (budget, course release, hiring, etc.)
  • presenting or publishing research

Visit here to learn more about these topics and the other ways we support research and scholarly activity at Red Deer Polytechnic, as well as the weekly schedule of drop-in hours, announcements of grants and workshops and anything else we think you'll be interested in.

Relevant Policies and Plans

All scholarly work at Red Deer Polytechnic that involves research conforms to or interacts with the following policies:

Research Ethics Board

Red Deer Polytechnic and the Red Deer Polytechnic Research Ethics Board (REB) are committed to ensuring research at the institution is conducted with the highest ethical standards. Together, they promote ethical conduct to ensure that the rights of human participants in research are respected and protected.

Through the Research Ethics Board webpages, you can access information needed to obtain ethics approval for your research project, review common questions regarding the ethics approval process and provide resources and forms needed for an ethics application submission.

Contact us if you have questions about:

  • completing the ethics application
  • an application currently under review
  • visiting a class or meeting to talk about research ethics