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Red Deer Polytechnic's Course Guide

Red Deer Polytechnic's Course Guide is an unofficial version of program and course information.

The web version is the official Academic Calendar of Red Deer Polytechnic for 2022-2023. For the most current information, refer to Red Deer Polytechnic's Academic Calendar webpages.

The Calendar and timetable set forth the intention of the Polytechnic, at the time of publication, with respect to all matters contained therein. Red Deer Polytechnic reserves the right, at any time, to make whatever changes are necessary, including the cancellation of particular courses, in order to serve the best interests of the Polytechnic, or because of circumstances or occurrences beyond the Polytechnic's control. The Polytechnic expressly denies responsibility or liability to any person or persons who may suffer loss or who may be otherwise adversely affect by such.

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Academic Calendar

For the most current information, refer to RDP's Academic Calendar webpages.

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