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Red Deer Polytechnic Raises Progressive Pride Flag

Jun 03, 2024
A group of three people stand in front of the Pride flag as it is raised up a flagpole at RDP

 (left-to-right): Lindsay Engel, Vice President, Academic and Student Experience; Devyn Shannon, President, Students’ Association of RDP; Bobbi-Jo L'Hirondelle, Vice President, Central Alberta Pride Society

Earlier today, Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) raised a Progressive Pride Flag, joining citizens around the world in recognizing June as Pride Month in support of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

“The Progressive Pride Flag Raising is one of several events throughout the year when Red Deer Polytechnic demonstrates our community’s commitment to providing an inclusive learning and working environment where all individuals feel valued and empowered to succeed,” says Lindsay Engel, Vice President, Academic and Student Experience. “Diversity strengthens communities and enriches the experiences of RDP students, faculty and staff.”

The Students’ Association of RDP (SARDP) partnered with the Polytechnic to host the Progressive Pride Flag Raising event. Throughout the year, the SARDP supports its diverse student population in several ways, which includes various student groups. These groups include Pride on Campus.

“We raise the Progressive Pride Flag at Red Deer Polytechnic to embody sentiments of equality, belonging and empathy,” says Devyn Shannon, President, SARDP. “Today’s event demonstrates that Red Deer Polytechnic is an ally and home for everyone. Pride is an irreplaceable ideal – it is kindness compassion and respect.”

Bobbi-Jo L'Hirondelle, Lindsay Engel and Devyn Shannon Smile at Pride Flag Raising event

During the past few years, RDP and the SARDP have increased their collaboration with the Central Alberta Pride Society on organizing events such as the Progressive Pride Flag Raising on RDP’s main campus. Representatives from the Central Alberta Pride Society have spoken at the Polytechnic’s Progressive Pride Flag Raising to cultivate social change through support, awareness and education.

“It is crucial that we create spaces where individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions feel valued and respected,” says Bobbi-Jo L'Hirondelle, Vice President, Central Alberta Pride Society. “The Pride Flag Raising ceremony serves as a visible symbol of the ongoing commitment to creating such a space, where everyone is embraced for who they are, without fear of judgment or prejudice.”

Pride Month, which occurs annually in June, celebrates the contributions of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to cultures and society around the world.

“By recognizing and honoring Pride Month, we reaffirm our commitment to building a more inclusive and
equitable world, where love and acceptance triumph,” adds L'Hirondelle.

The Progressive Pride Flag Raising is one example of how RDP demonstrates its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. In March, RDP and the SARDP created an institutional Pride Week to also show allyship and support of the Pride community. The Polytechnic also offers several events and initiatives throughout the year, which include recognizing National Indigenous History Month in June.

Learn more information about RDP’s upcoming events.

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