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University Transfer: Bachelor of Arts - General

bachelor of arts
Bachelor's Degree

- 2 years at RDP

-Main Campus
The Program

The objective in all programs is to provide you with the basis of a liberal arts education which will allow you to transfer to universities offering a Bachelor of Arts degree program.

In most cases, you will major in one of the subjects listed below. By declaring a major, you are simply stating your intent to pursue a comprehensive study of that subject area. Some university programs require you to declare a minor, which represents a second subject you will study in some depth as well.


You are required to complete a major in the Bachelor of Arts degree. A major includes a certain number of courses taken in one field of study. Generally, about half of the courses taken in a four year degree will be chosen from the major field. This number will vary according to your choice of major and the university you attend.

Majors available at RDP are AnthropologyCommunicationsEconomicsEnglishHistoryPhilosophyPolitical SciencePsychology, and Sociology.  


Honours programs are designed to prepare students particularly well for advanced study at the Master's or Doctoral level in the major field of interest. High standards of performance are required in Honours programs. Most universities offer Honours programs in the same fields as the Majors listed above. You should consult with an Academic Advisor for details.

Course Load: Full-time or Part-time Study:

The Bachelor of Arts program is open to full-time students and part-time students. A full-time student will take at least 3 courses per term (minimum 9 credits), with 5 (15 credits) being the normal full load. Extra courses represent special burdens and may result in poor academic performance. A student will be permitted to take more than 5 courses in a term only under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of an Academic Advisor. Part-time students take 1 or 2 courses per term.

University Transfer Program

RDP offers the first two years of the Bachelor of Arts program. Students have the ability to transfer to a multitude of institutions after one or two years of study at Red Deer Polytechnic. For institutions within Alberta, transfer agreements exist and students can see how RDP courses transfer to specific universities using the Transfer Alberta website.

For students looking at transferring outside of Alberta, there are many possibilities. While no formal transfer agreements exist outside of Alberta, the Bachelor of Arts program is quite versatile and easily transferable.

Please contact the artscienceinfo [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (School of Arts & Sciences) for more information regarding transferring to other institutions within Alberta or outside of the province.


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