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University Transfer: Bachelor of Education/Science Combined

Bachelor of Education female student in practicum at a high school
Bachelor's Degree

1 year at RDP + 4 years at U of A OR
1-2 years at RDP + 4-3 years at U of L, based on science major

-Main Campus
The Program

A combined BEd/BSc program allows you to satisfy the minimum requirements of both degrees in five years. The program provides a broader science background while maintaining the teacher education component. Graduates of the combined degree are eligible to apply for Teacher Certification in the Province of Alberta and all other provinces. Red Deer Polytechnic offers up to two years of these programs.

Program Content

Teaching science in secondary school requires studying a variety of subjects. For the University of Alberta, you will normally major in one of the following areas and minor in another:

  1. Biological Sciences includes Biology, Botany, Entomology, Genetics, Immunology and Infection, Marine Science, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology, Zoology.
  2. Mathematical Sciences includes Applied Probability, Computing Science, Mathematics, Statistics.
  3. Physical Sciences includes Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematical Physics, Physics.

Transfer to the University of Alberta after one year is required for all of these programs in order to meet the U of A Faculty of Science residency requirement.

University Transfer Program

One-and Two-Year University Transfer Program:

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides in Academic Advising.

Transfer Features

You may transfer up to  60 credits taken at Red Deer Polytechnic to the university of your choice. Some routes and majors may require transfer after one year if Red Deer Polytechnic does not offer all courses needed. 

Before planning your program and registering, decide on the university you want to attend, the grade level you want to teach, and the subject area in which you want to specialize. (See details under University Transfer Programs). 

Direct transfer arrangements are in place to the University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge.  You may arrange to transfer to other institutions at which a Bachelor of Education is offered. 

Transfer institutions accept a limited number of students to the Bachelor of Education program. Successful transfer is based on proper course selection, credit hours completed, grade point average (G.P.A.), and other requirements.  These requirements vary depending on which university, route, and major you choose. 

Some routes and majors are more competitive than others and may require a higher grade point average for transfer. Detailed information regarding course selection and transfer requirements for University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge are provided by Red Deer Polytechnic before you register.  If you plan to transfer elsewhere, you may need to contact your destination University or College regarding course planning. Academic Advisors at Red Deer Polytechnic can assist you in this process.

University of Alberta

Please note that these credits are U of A credits.

Suggested Pattern Year 1
English (6 credits)
Biological Sciences (6 credits)
Mathematical Sciences (6 credits)
Physical Sciences (6 credits)
Science Major/Minor or Arts options (6 credits)

University of Calgary

Please consult with an Academic Advisor.

University of Lethbridge

Follow the University of Lethbridge Bachelor of Education Combined Degree Program as outlined in the Bachelor of Education section of this Calendar.

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