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Open Studies

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The Program

Open Studies is a program that allows you to begin your studies on a full- or part-time basis. The Open Studies program lets you take courses and explore different options in order to help you make educational and career decisions. If you need more than two academic areas of high school-level courses, you must apply to the Academic Upgrading Program.

Purposes of Open Studies

  1. You may design a program of studies to suit your interests and needs. Open Studies is not tied to any one career, so you can take courses which appeal to you if you have the proper prerequisites. Please note that some courses are program specific and may not be available to Open Studies students.
  2. If you do not meet admission requirements to certificate, diploma or university programs, you may complete those requirements and then apply to these programs.
  3. If you require a high school equivalency math course from the Academic Upgrading program as part of your Open Studies program and have been out of high school math for more than one year, you will be required to take a math placement test prior to registering for the Academic Upgrading math course.
We understand that you still have questions about the programs.
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