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University Sciences Diploma

University Sciences Diploma

2 Years

-Main Campus
The Program

The University Sciences Diploma at Red Deer Polytechnic is a two-year diploma program emphasizing contemporary concepts and practical scientific skills applicable to both field and laboratory settings. With an initial specialization in Biological Sciences, students registered in this program will explore topics ranging from the level of molecules and cells to that of organisms, communities, and populations. The University Science Diploma will prepare graduates for transition into the final two years of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences, for admission to professional schools requiring a minimum of two years of undergraduate studies, and for entry into the workforce in biology-related fields.

Program Outcomes

1. Demonstrate competency in analytical methods.

2. Identify one's own strengths and weaknesses in relation to areas of study and future growth.

3. Develop basic scientific research projects using appropriate research methods and ethics.

4. Communicate scientific knowledge clearly and succinctly through oral, visual, and written formats to diverse audiences.

5. Demonstrate collaborative, independent, and inclusive attitudes and practices integrating multidisciplinary perspectives and approaches.

6. Demonstrate professional conduct in all aspects of individual and team-based work. 

7. Describe creative solutions to problems that impact society by drawing from scientific theories.

8. Explain natural principles and phenomena using knowledge from the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences.

9. Recognize the place of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in scientific study.

Program Content

Year One

Course Number Title Academic Credits
BIOL 217 Introduction to Cell Biology 3
BIOL 218 Evolution and Biological Diversity 3
CHEM 211 General  Chemistry I 3
CHEM 212 General Chemistry II 3
ENGL 219 Essay Composition and Critical Reading 3
MATH 202 Introduction Calculus I 3
PHYS 205 Introductory Physics I 3
STAT 251 Introductory Statistics 3
XXX  Humanities Elective 3
XXX  Social Science Elective 3


Year 2

Course Number Title Academic Credits
BIOC 393 Fundamentals of Biochemistry 3
CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry I 3
SCIE 301 Contemporary Issues in Science 3
XXX Indigenous Studies Elective 3
XXX Wellness Elective 3
Five (5) of:    
BIOL 317 Molecular Genetics and Heredity 3
BIOL 318 Principles of Ecology 3
BIOL 301 Molecular Cell Biology 3
BIOL 352 Animal Physiology 3
BIOL 360 Principles of Microbiology 3
BIOL 351 Anatomy of Vertebrates 3
BIOL 370 Molecular Genetics 3
Transfer Features

The current ACAT articulation agreements will remain in place, providing our students the option to transfer out from RDP after one year of studies or after completion of the diploma program.

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