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Series Summer Art Workshops

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist? Red Deer Polytechnic’s annual Series Summer Art Workshops are back this July, ready to welcome artists of all experience levels.
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About Series Summer Art Workshops

Series features a selection of art workshops for artists of all skill levels, from the beginner, all the way to the seasoned professional.  

Classes will be held in Red Deer Polytechnic's world-class art studios. Students will use professional quality equipment; professional artists and art instructors will lead classes. On the last day of each course, students will have the opportunity to participate in a public art showcase. 

So, clean up your brushes, light your blow torch, open your personal toolbox and jump into Series. Connect with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for creative art. Make new friends and show off your creations during the Series Showcase. 

Week One | July 2 – July 5

Arlene Westen | Introduction to Indigo Dyeing using Shibori Techniques  

Explore the fundamentals of indigo dyeing and discover the beauty of Shibori, a Japanese tie-dye method. Learn the essential techniques of binding, folding, stitching, and clamping to create stunning patterns and textures on fabric. Gain confidence in dyeing your own creations with Indigo and discover the joy of transforming plain fabrics into precious textiles.   

Level: Beginner | Course #4888  

Cost: $495 + Materials  

Brenda King | Add Bling to Your Lampworked Glass Beads  

With demos, guidance and practice time, you will have a blast learning new techniques on surface decoration and how to add inclusions while creating your lampwork glass beads. Inclusions such as metal and double helix glass plus more.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4883  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

David Shkolny | Creating Mood in Pastel Landscapes

Pastels are an excellent medium to create mood, from dramatic sunrises/sunsets to deep nocturnes. Learn the process of building a drawing, selecting colours and the variety of approaches to mark making this expressive medium holds. This workshop is for those with a beginner to intermediate skillset.  

Level: Beginner/Intermediate | Course #4886  

Cost: $495 + Materials 

Deborah Thompson | A Brush with Color  

This workshop focuses on the creation of paintings through the exploration of colour!  
It is perfect for students with any level of painting experience who wish to gain skill in the use of colour in the creation of paintings. Demonstrations and painting exercises will build solid foundation for painting.  

Level: All | Course #4889  

Cost: $495 + Materials 

Jojo Liu | The Art of Chinese Calligraphy   

Chinese calligraphy, an ancient art form, is often likened to meditation as it soothes the heart and quiets the mind by aligning its qi or energy with the brush's rhythmic movements. This five-day course is designed for students of all levels. You will learn to wield a soft brush on rice paper, crafting bold yet delicate strokes that give rise to harmonious and elegant Chinese characters. By the course's end, you'll not only have created meaningful works to take home but also acquired the skills and appreciation to integrate calligraphy into your daily life.  

Level: All | Course #4890  

Cost: $495 + Materials  

Joseph Cavalieri | Imagery on Stained Glass   

The workshop focuses on learning and practicing how to add detailed images to your stained glass works. In class, you will learn four processes, including airbrushing glass (using an atomizer and airbrush), pen and ink drawing, silk-screen printing using existing screens the instructor will bring, and painting on glass. No need to be an expert painter; we will be tracing images in the class. Expect to make many samples and a finished stained-glass panel about thirty-six cm square.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4884  

Cost: $595  

Michael Shain | Mixed Media Visual Journals   

This workshop is all about starting and maintaining a visual journal practice. We'll explore a variety of mixed media techniques, and talk about art supplies on a budget, and you'll leave with a bag full of stuff and a binder full of ideas.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4885  

Cost: $494 + Materials  

Tatianna O'Donnell | Discovering Your Inner Child  

Have you ever gazed longingly at a beautiful work of art, and thought, "I wish I could do that, but I don't have a clue how!" Do you yearn to express your creativity?  You don't know where to start? This is a one-week acrylic painting class, where you learn my unique process to create beautiful, strong, paintings. Let's get inspired.

Level: Beginner | Course #4887  

Cost: $495 

Week Two | July 8 – July 12

Arlene Westen | Visual Art Journaling  

Join a transformative week-long Visual Art Journaling workshop, exploring diverse techniques such as altered books, collage, reflective writing, recycled poetry, ink, and paint. Learn to merge visual elements with written reflections to discover your artistic voice and use journaling for introspection and growth. No prior art or writing experience is needed.   

Level: All | Course #4900  

Cost: $595 + Materials  

Brenda King | At Home Metal Smith   

This is a beginner level for those interested in jewellery metalsmithing at home. We will use sterling silver sheets and wire, learning how to transform them into wearable art jewellery pieces. In this workshop, you will craft your pieces using various tools, focusing on hammers, pliers, torches/soldering, cutting, jewellers saw, texture, finishing and safety. We will create the components for earrings, a ring, a bracelet and a pendant. Your skill level will determine how many pieces you make. Everyone is different. 

Level: Beginner | Course #4891  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Carolyn Fisher | Picture Book Workshop  

Learn to write or illustrate children's picture books! A class for newbie or seasoned writers, illustrators, or writer-illustrators with award-winning artist-author Carolyn Fisher. We'll dig into the business of books in this info-packed course. Bring your own story or illustrations or create a new picture book project in class.  

Level: All | Course #4897  

Cost: $595  

Jean Pederson | Painting the Figure with Mixed Media   

Acrylic paint can be combined with many products and techniques to communicate your ideas in exciting and meaningful ways. Acrylic paints, mediums, collages and mark-making tools will be integrated to develop your personal compositions. Students will be able to explore mixed media using the human figure as a subject. Daily demonstrations, studio painting, concept and technique discussions, with one-on-one support, will be central to this workshop. Be a part of this course and be prepared to work hard, experiment and have a great time!  

Level: Intermediate | Course #4896  

Cost: $595  

Miji Campbell | Write Where You Are: A Writing Week   

Explore the possibilities and power in your writing when you have uninterrupted time, a supportive space, and room to roam on the page. You will be given suggestions to spark your writing and keep it going. This writing time is balanced with helpful tips on technique, lively discussion, and an exchange of wonderful stories, both spoken and written. Join writer Miji Campbell for five days of discovery.   

Level: All | Course #4898  

Cost: $495  

Patricia Doyle | Glass Bead Making 101   

In this five-day intensive class, we explore the magic and alchemy used to create handmade beads. Using a propane/oxygen torch and rods of Italian glass, we will learn the basics of creating, shaping and decorating glass beads.  

Level: All | Course #4894  

Cost: $695  

Robin Lambert: Bronze Casting and the Lost Wax Process (Week One of Two)   

Experience the art of lost wax bronze casting using the Red Deer Polytechnic Foundry. This is a hands-on course where you take your ideas from sketch to wax to bronze in two weeks. You will experience all stages of the casting process up to and including pouring bronze. After the bronze is poured, you will finish and patina your work to take home.  No previous casting experience is required.   

Level: All | Course #4892  

Cost: $995 for both weeks

Tatianna O'Donnell | Loosening Up with Confidence 

We will spend the mornings exploring various methods of loosening up, such as learning to squint away the details and focus on the main shapes; exploring the effect of interesting brush strokes and using various mediums to create texture. Quick sketches will show the importance of negative and positive shapes and of value. Afternoons will be set aside for open studio time where we will have an opportunity to experiment with the various techniques that were introduced. Individual attention and feedback will be provided. The instructor will help you with developing your own painting style.   

All levels of experience are encouraged to join us. Students who are looking for inspiration to start painting or pick up that brush again will be encouraged and given directions.  A mix of basic and advanced techniques will be provided as needed.  

Level: Intermediate | Course # 4899  

Cost: $595 

Trent Leach | Metal, Rock and Glass   

Here's your chance to learn metal sculpture and how to incorporate other mediums into your art. You will have the opportunity to learn the tools & techniques needed for welding metal and be given an introduction to adding other mediums to your own creative ideas. This is a beginner-level class, but all levels are welcome.  

Level: All | Course #4893  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Valdis Gislason | Fast and Fabulous Flowers    

Brighten your life, and that of others, with simple but lively floral art pieces. This project-based course will systematically lead participants through several watercolour and drawing techniques to create varied and vibrant images of flowers such as daisies, clematis, cyclamen, zinnias, chrysanthemum, tulips, black-eyed susans, sunflowers, Christmas cactus, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, hollyhocks, cone flowers, hyacinths, delphiniums, African violets, geraniums, poppies and more.  

Level: All | Course #4901  

Cost: $595 

Willie Wong | Watercolour for Beginners   

I like easy-to-follow, no-fail projects for my students of all levels. Easy to follow hangouts, no drawing skill needed. Low material cost is important to me. We will cover at least 5 to 7 projects for the week. Lots of fun techniques to learn and discover.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4895  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Taste of Series | All Day Saturday, July 13

Arlene Westen | Boro-Inspired Textile Workshop   

Using traditional simple stitching techniques, learn to repurpose and layer fabrics to embrace the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi and the time-honoured Japanese tradition of Boro. Create an intricate and visually captivating textile composition, transforming tattered and discarded fabrics into a personalized, miniature Boro-inspired quilt that tells a unique story of resilience and beauty.   

Level: All | Course #4908  

Cost: $175 + Materials  

Arne Handley | Put a Lid on it...a Brief Intro to Putting Lids on Pottery Vessels  

Will pursue the variations of adding lids to simple and more complex forms thrown on a potter's wheel. The day will be a hands-on day for students who already have basic skills using the wheel but now want to extend how they use the tool. Must be competent in using the potter's wheel and have basic tools, although some will be available from the instructor.  

Level: Intermediate | Course #4911  

Cost: $195  

Brenda King | Spinner Ring   

This beginner-level workshop will give you a Taste of metalsmithing jewellery you can do at home! In this fun and informative one-day workshop, you will make a sterling silver Spinner ring! Learning how to measure and size your ring band and spinner. You will use various tools to manipulate and texture the metal, using a torch to anneal and solder! You are going to Love this! No previous experience is necessary for you to come and try your hand at the art of traditional silversmithing. You will be so happy to wear your spinner ring home! Let's have some fun creating!  

Level: Beginner | Course #4902  

Cost: $195 + Materials 

Carolyn Fisher | Picture Book Day  

Join artist-author Carolyn Fisher for a one-day workshop on writing and illustrating children’s picture books. Whether you’re a writer or an illustrator, a newbie or a professional, we’ll dig into the business of books in this info-packed course. From storyboards to page breaks to word count, we’ll analyze the anatomy of a picture book and learn how writers and artists create and pitch their work to publishers and agents. 

Level: All | Course #4906  

Cost: $175 

Jean Pederson | Wet Glazing with Watercolors  

This one-day class will lead you through different ways to express the subject of flowers. Paint flowers using descriptive rendering, stylizing and distorting! Have fun exploring the many the colours and shapes possible.  

Level: Intermediate | Course #4905  

Cost: $195 + Materials 

Miji Campbell | Memoir-Lite   

Spend the day writing memories into a story. Bring a memento - photo, object keepsake - that reminds you of a moment in your life. You will be given suggestions to create a story and helpful tips and tools to tell it meaningfully. No writing experience is required. Just life experience!  

Level: All | Course #4907  

Cost: $175 

Patricia Doyle | Glass Bead Making for Beginners   

Spend one very enjoyable day learning to make your own glass beads. With demonstrations, guidance and your own time on the torch, you will learn how to create several different beads. Suitable for shiny new beginners and seasoned bead makers.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4903  

Cost: $195 

Tatianna O'Donnell | Acrylic Painting for The Absolute Beginner  

Can’t spend a whole week in art classes? Join me in this fun-filled and informative day of learning all about acrylic painting. Whether you are just starting out or need a refresher, or you just want to know more about acrylic painting, this one-day introduction will inspire you. Go home with a finished painting and lots of great ideas. Let’s get inspired.  

Level: All | Course #4909  

Cost: $175 + Materials

Willie Wong | Northern Lights  

No need to bring anything; come empty-handed and prepared to paint. Bring a baby food jar to collect your dark blue colour for the sky. We will make small paintings for cards and bigger paintings for framing and gifts. Everyone loves the Northern Lights!  

Level: Beginner | Course #4904  

Cost: $195 + Materials 

Week Three | July 15 – July 19

Arne Handley | Introduction to the Potter's Wheel  

This workshop will emphasize the very beginning of using a potter's wheel with the use of tools, sills, and general information.  It will be activity-heavy with an emphasis on enjoying the process.  Also, because of the teaching techniques, there is room and welcome for people who want to brush up on their skills.  

Level: All | Course #4912  

Cost: $695  

Jean Pederson | Open Studio: Developing your Personal Artistic Voice   

This course is offered to artists who have gained knowledge of painting techniques and now desire to put these skills to practice in pursuit of developing a stronger artistic style. One on one consultation will be provided for your individual concepts, questions and feedback. You will be encouraged to explore, practice and enhance you skills as they apply to your style and intentions. Class discussion, instructor demonstrations and guidance will be available during this week of personal discovery.  

Level: Intermediate | Course #4917  

Cost: $695 

Joanne Andrighetti | Introduction to Borosilicate Flameworking  

Come play with molten glass! In this class, we will work with borosilicate rods and tubes at a table-mounted torch. Students will be guided through various projects such as pendants, marbles and mini vessels with lots of time for practice. This class provides the foundation for further explorations in hot glass.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4915  

Cost: $695 

Jojo Liu | Learn Chinese Calligraphy   

Learn the art of Chinese Calligraphy  

Level: All | Course #4918  

Cost: $595 

Laura Rendlen | Building a Landscape with Color and Texture  

This workshop is for those who want to explore various mosaic techniques to create a landscape. Beginning with a short presentation and exercises to illustrate general principles, you will then work from your imagination. Throughout the workshop, individual attention and tips are provided to help with the technical aspects of mosaics and to guide the successful completion of each project.  

Level: All | Course #4920  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Milt Fischbein | The Fascinating World of Filigree Jewellery   

Filigree is an ancient technique that involves the creation of lacelike jewellery from fine silver wires, utilizing basic tools.  In this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques required to create filigree objects. We will then learn how to make several different styles of filigree rings and will also talk about the basics of making filigree pendants. At the end of the workshop, you will have made several filigree pieces.  

Topics and demonstrations will include preparation of fine silver filigree wire, construction of frames, filigree soldering, traditional filigree wire shapes, and making soldering with both powder and paste solder. Advanced students may work independently on other filigree projects with assistance from the instructor  

Level: All | Course #4913 

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Robin Lambert | Bronze Casting and the Lost Wax Process (Week Two of Two)

Experience the art of lost wax bronze casting using the Red Deer Polytechnic Foundry. This is a hands-on course where you take your ideas from sketch to wax to bronze in two weeks. You will experience all stages of the casting process up to and including pouring bronze. After the bronze is poured, you will finish and patina your work to take home.  No previous casting experience is required.  

Level: All | Course #4892  

Cost: $995 for both weeks

Stacey Cann | Alternative Printmaking  

Learn how to create prints using gel medium, stencils, collagraphs, monoprints and more! This course will teach you print methods that you can do at home, and that are suitable for beginners and advanced printmakers. Utilizing non-toxic media, these techniques can be incorporated into paintings and drawings.  

Level: All | Course #4919  

Cost: $595 

Trent Leach | Metal, Rock and Glass  

Here's your chance to learn metal sculpture and how to incorporate other mediums into your art. You will have the opportunity to learn the tools & techniques needed for welding metal and be introduced adding other mediums to your own creative ideas. This is a beginner-level class, but all levels are welcome.  

Level: All | Course #4914  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Willie Wong | Advanced Watercolour  

All new exciting projects for the week. We will be doing 4 to 6 11x15 paintings plus many little demos. This course is great for those wanting to get back into watercolour or inspired. Handouts are easy to follow, and no drawing skills are required.  

Level: Advanced | Course #4916  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Week Four | July 22 – July 26

Andy Lou | Chinese Brush Painting   

This workshop is designed for people who are interested in Chinese art. Both traditional and contemporary Chinese Brush Painting techniques will be introduced. You will learn how ink, rice paper and colour are made and the composition and aesthetic principles of Chinese Brush Painting. In addition, you will be shown how to create special textures on rice paper using non-traditional materials. Instructions will include demonstrations, lectures, PowerPoint presentations and plenty of guided one-on-one time. Some experience of painting will be an asset, but it is not essential. Relax, let your brush drift with ink and colour on rice paper and express your personal style.  

Level: All | Course #4930  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Brenda Danbrook | Layered Embossed Surface in Clay  

Focus on explorations of the interplay of texture, pattern, and colour. Students will create an embossing plate and learn about layering patterns, and colours on the clay surface. Working with soft slabs, coloured slips, newsprint cutouts, and embossing plates, students will learn how to create depth on their hand-built forms.  

Level: All | Course #4922  

Cost: $595 + Materials  

Carol Ann Savage | Floral Murrini Cane in Soft Glass  

Explore floral murrini cane creation with soft glass from the inside out. Enjoy creating colourful flowers to encase in a variety of different shaped beads. Discussion of colour from a wide variety of glass will enable students to create bold and interesting floral pieces.  

Level: Intermediate/Advanced | Course #4924  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Jojo Liu | Brush and Ink: The Art of Writing   

Calligraphy has a long history in East Asian cultures and is considered an important traditional art form. The objectives of this five-day class are to explore the fundamentals of Chinese calligraphy brushwork and to find balance within yourself through the meditative calligraphy process. This workshop will cover the proper use of calligraphy tools, posture, basic strokes, and the formation of characters. The instructor will provide in-depth lectures on basic calligraphy writing techniques and brushwork, focusing on the formal Regular Script called "楷书." Participants will practice these techniques on Xuanzhi calligraphy paper.  

Level: All | Course #4928  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Kimberly Smith | Fused Glass and Enamels  

Adding enamels to your glass fusing practice opens a whole new world of possibilities!  
Explore a variety of techniques for applying enamels to fused glass.  
Students will learn how to build a landscape on 2 layers of glass as well as using painterly techniques to create floral designs. Preparing pieces for the kiln and creative mark-making will also be explored.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4925  

Cost: $695 + Materials 

Leah Cathleen Donald | Dive into Wet Felting   

What are the secrets to making felt from wool? Join this class and find out! In her classes, Leah creates a comfortable, relaxed environment where you can confidently build your felting knowledge. Let's take things step-by-step and explore what makes wool felt and how to manipulate it to create both flat and 3D felted art. This course focuses on learning new processes and experimenting with wool.    

 Level: Beginner | Course #4929  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Monica To | Realism in Pencil: People, Animals and Plants  

Discover the realism that pencil can draw out, from faces to fur, and feathers to flowers! Participants will learn step-by-step techniques and tricks to draw and then shade detailed, realistic artworks of people, animals, and plants, working from photographs. Suitable for beginner and intermediate learners.  

Level: Beginner/Intermediate | Course #4927  

Cost: $595 + Materials 

Shirley Randall | Beginner Wheel Throwing  

Beginner wheel throwing with step-by-step instructions to get you started working with clay. If you have experience throwing, bring your creative ideas to class and expand your skills. Make bigger and more advanced pottery pieces! We can also explore different ways to decorate your creations.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4923  

Cost: $695 

Susan Clark | Turbo Tie Dye  

An excellent exploration into ways of introducing colour and pattern to textiles. Over five days, participants will experiment extensively with resist and coloration, finishing with 4 large samples to take home. Participants will learn about acid dyes, which produce lovely colours. The instructor lived in Japan for a decade.  

Level: Beginner | Course #4926  

Cost: $595 + Materials 


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