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Locksmith Apprenticeship

Alberta Journeyman Certificate

3 years; 8 weeks at RDP + minimum 1,560 hours on-the-job training each year

-Main Campus

Red Deer Polytechnic offers the Locksmith program, one of the many apprenticeship training options available for students. Apprenticeship is a career option that involves both classroom and on-the-job training. To learn the skills required of a Locksmith in Alberta and be issued an Alberta Journeyman Certificate, a person must find a suitable employer who is willing to hire and train an apprentice. For more information, please visit Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training .

Continue Your Learning

If you have a valid Alberta Journeyman Certificate, you are eligible to receive a Blue Seal business credential after completing the necessary requirements.

Employment Opportunites

Locksmiths are employed by locksmithing companies, security firms and institutions. The increasing awareness for preventative measures by the public to protect against theft is creating a need for more security measures, and therefore the demand for Locksmiths is anticipated to remain fairly stable. Journeyman wage rates vary, but generally range from $25 to $40 an hour (plus benefits.) Experienced Locksmiths can advance to supervisory positions or set up their own business. Most Locksmiths consider this to be a lifelong occupation.

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