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Business Certificate

Business Certificate

1 year

-Main Campus
The Program

The one-year business certificate is designed for individuals looking to acquire introductory business skills to increase their employability or augment existing work experience. It also allows for budding entrepreneurs to gain a credential quickly while learning the key functional areas of business. 

Students participate in our signature course, Business Topics and Skills. This course connects students to themselves, to learning, to the diverse Central Alberta community, and to career opportunities. Students are provided with networking opportunities in various courses.

The certificate provides credit towards the Business Diploma and Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

The certificate consists of 10 courses or 30 credits. Courses are available face-to-face and online. Students can complete the program on a full-time or part-time schedule.

Admission is normally available for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Program Learning Outcome

1. Collaboration: Practice collaborating in and with diverse teams.

2. Communication: Communicate effectively utilizing oral, written, nonverbal, and media communication skills.

3. Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving: Practice using critical and reflective skills and practices to analyze organizational challenges.

4. Globalization: Recognize the impact of globalization across cultures and markets.

5. Social and Cross Cultural Awareness: Recognize the value of diverse ideas, perspectives, and worldviews in a business environment.

6. Information, Communication, Technology, and Financial Fluency: Apply information literacy, technology, research skills, and numerical and financial fluency to solve problems.

7. Ethics: Employ ethical decision making and demonstrate professionalism.

8. Business Acumen - Tools: Apply qualitative and quantitative methods to business scenarios.

9. Business Acumen - Holistic: Explain holistic and entrepreneurial approaches for working in, and managing, socially responsible organizations.

10. Lifelong Learning: Recognize the value of lifelong-learning and community engagement.

11. Indigenous: Contribute to the advancement of reconciliation and apply principles of Indigenous knowledge including identifying and describing Indigenous cultural protocols, worldviews, and learning approaches in both a business and societal context.

Program Content
  • BUS 1010 Business Topics and Skills
  • ACCT 1001 Introductory Financial Accounting I
  • BUS 1210 Data and Information Management
  • BUS 1100 Cross Cultural Awareness
  • HRM 1281 Human Resource Management
  • COMM 250 Business and Workplace Writing
  • BUS 2110 Management Principles    

    One of:    

  • ECON 1100 Business Microeconomics
  • ECON 1101 Business Macroeconomics

    Two of:    

  • MKT 1132 Marketing Principles
  • MKT 2240 Professional Selling and Persuasion (requires MKT 1132)
  • ESB 2251 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (requires MKT 1132)
  • ESB 2253  Project and Events Management
  • ACCT 2010 Introductory Management Accounting (requires ACCT 1001)
  • ACCT 2001 Introductory Financial Accounting II (requires ACCT 1001)
  • FINS 1150 Personal Finance
  • CREA 2001 Creative Think Tank
  • ESB 2204 Interpersonal Skills and Leadership
  • BUS 3420 Operations Management (requires BUS 2306 or equivalent)
  • One of ECON 1100 Business Microeconomics or ECON 1101 Business Macroeconomics (whichever was not taken above)

Continuing Education coursework may be used for one-course equivalent. Generally, 45 hours of Donald School of Business, Science and Technology approved Continuing Education courses will be considered equivalent to one three-credit Business Option. Coursework must be business-related or content that enhances a business portfolio.

Transfer Features

RDP Business Certificate courses provide credit towards the RDP Business Diploma.

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