Red Deer Polytechnic Timetable

Use the RDP Timetable to search sections of courses offered at Red Deer Polytechnic. This page allows you to plan your course load before registering in your classes on TheLoop

When browsing courses, be sure to review the Delivery Method. 

  • On Site: Instruction occurs in real time on-campus (or at a site off-campus).
  • Online: Instruction occurs in an online environment. See each course's attributes for details on whether you will be expected to learn in real time, any time or in a combined approach. 
    • Online Real Time: All instruction takes place in real time using a virtual classroom.
    • Online Any Time: No scheduled class time. Instructor engagement and content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules. 
    • Online Combined Real/Any Time: A combination of real time and any time learning. 
  • Blended: Combines on site instruction with online learning.
  • HyFlex: Each class session is offered on site, online real time and online any time. Students can choose how they attend each class session. 

ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost): Search for sections of courses with no cost to access the required course resources. In the Timetable, use the Advanced Search feature and limit the Attribute to "Zero Textbook Cost." ZTC sections will have no cost to access textbooks, ebooks, or online homework systems. ZTC sections may still have costs associated with required supplies and technology, like lab safety gear, calculators, or computer requirements.