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Your competitive advantage is your people

Investing in training solutions for your team positively contributes to improved employee engagement, increased talent attraction, increased retention, and reduced turnover. We can help you to maximize your competitive advantage.  We design and deliver group and customized training solutions that will support your employee's professional development, and help your business to reach your goals.

Client Centered Approach

Experience a client-centered approach when it comes to your corporate training initiatives.

What does client-centered mean? To us – it means learning about your organization and its unique objectives.

With that understanding we design and deliver customized training solutions that build your team and equip them to support your organization’s goals. 

Four Simple Steps:
  1. Training Needs Assessment | understand the challenge to define the opportunities.
    Identifying the opportunities to build your team that will lead to meaningful results 
  2. Design | customized training to meet your needs.
    Customized training programs designed to meet your organization’s objectives
  3. Deliver | on-campus, on-site, online, on your time.
    You want your employees to get training, but the time and place don't always line up with your day-to-day operations. Our team will work with you to customize your training delivery.  While a number of our clients enjoy attending training programs at RDP’s Main Campus and staying at our on-campus accommodations, our team will work with you to determine the best delivery method for your organization.  
  4. Evaluate | measure what matters.
    Evaluating the retention and application of knowledge helps ensure your team is developing the skill sets that your organization needs  
Group Training

Our extensive and flexible off-the-shelf, ready-to-go suite of training solutions will help you create a more efficient, effective, and productive work environment for your team to thrive in.

Customized Training

Every business is unique, and your business has specific objectives. We can help you by evaluating your needs, and developing a comprehensive custom training plan specifically aimed at meeting your organizations specific needs.

We specialize in entry to mid-level leadership and managerial training, such as: 
  • Management Skills for Supervisors 
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching 
  • Project Management 
  • Computer & Microsoft Office Training 
  • Accounting & Finance 
  • Industry Training in 14 Trades Areas 


The Canada-Alberta Job Grant - invest in your people and get 2/3 of their training costs covered by the Government.

Up to $10,000 per trainee per fiscal year. If hiring an unemployed Albertan, up to $15,000 and 100% coverage.



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